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Hi! I am Anna, and I am a Norwegian living in southern part of the country. Originally I come from Eastern Norway. I have been traveling to places all over our beautiful country - big and small - and I have many experiences I want to share with you!

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started working in a hotel in Southern Norway more than 3 years ago. During my work days I got to listen to so many fantastic stories from my guest's itineraries, and it made me realize how many travelers that enjoy exploring Norway. Their stories, and my own, I will always keep in mind when I plan your next trip!"

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Get close to the views in Naeroyfjord
Norway Fjord Road Trip - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary combines some of Norway's best fjords, mountains, villages, and cities. You'll kick off in Oslo with a few days to explore the up-and-coming capital before taking one of the most scenic trains in the world to Flåm. Then, ferry across the Sognefjord and begin a road trip with several days of UNESCO-listed sites, hiking trails, and boat rides to get to Bergen—a seafaring city surrounded by seven hills.

End the adventure with three nights in the Lofoten Islands
Best of Summer in Norway Tour - 12 Days

Check off a number of stunning summer gems in southern and northern Norway with this 12-day adventure. After kicking off in Oslo, you'll take a train and ferry to Balestrand to kayak in the Sognefjord. From here, ferry to Bergen and visit a glacier before boarding a Hurtigruten cruise for several days of fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under long days of sunshine. Finally, make your way to the Lofoten Islands and explore a series of gorgeous islands by rental car at your own pace.

Stay a night along the Geirangerfjord between Bergen and Trondheim
Summer Road Trip: Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim - 12 Days

This journey highlights Norway's three biggest cities with scenic detours along the way. Start off in sophisticated Oslo before traveling by train and ferry to UNESCO-listed Bergen. From here, drive through fjord-side villages to Ålesund, known for its art nouveau architecture, and Kristiansund. Finish off in Trondheim with colorful wooden homes, café culture, and tree-lined streets for cycling.

Norway in October: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Norway in October: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

October is an ideal time of year to enjoy Norway's colorful fall scenery in peace and quiet, as travelers are few and far between. This is also when days get shorter, temperatures drop, and the Northern Lights begin to reappear above the Arctic Circle. Find out what to do and where to go with this monthly guide.

Sunset from above in the art nouveau city of Ålesund
Norway in March: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

Out of the dark and into the light: Travelers to Norway in March will catch the earliest glimpses of spring, and with that, longer daylight hours. This is a great month to hit the uncrowded slopes and festivals, explore the cities, and catch the Northern Lights before they hibernate 'til October.

Drive along some of Scandinavia's most beautiful roads.
Nordic Road Trip for Nature Lovers - 14 Days

Take the wheel on this relaxed self-guided road trip as you travel through five of Norway's official scenic routes. Over two weeks you'll encounter a number of stunning fjords, national parks, cool mountain towns, farm stands, and varying landscapes with mile-long views. Finish the adventure with some urban culture in Norway's second largest city (Bergen) with its great restaurant scene and wharfside UNESCO World Heritage Site.