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After exploring and living in remote and wild regions of the world, I decided to settle down in Indonesia.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"From adventurous outdoor to cultural and discovery trips, I can organize a custom-made journey through Indonesia. As part of your visit to this alluring country, I would definitely recommend you to explore Raja Ampat and Moluku islands onboard our traditional wooden boat. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"After my studies in sport and tourism, I started as an outdoor guide in Northern countries. I spent four years as a guide leading groups on mountain treks, kayaking between icebergs, dog sledding on frozen lakes, and snow-shoeing in the Taiga. Running a local agency and designing tours was a natural next step for me. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"While I was in North Sulawesi, for 2 days I could see the sun rising from the top of a volcano in Manado Tua, dive between pristine corals in Bunaken National park, and observe wild tarsius and black monkeys in Tangkoko National Park. I was amazed that I could experience such a diversity of activities and fauna in the same vicinity - that's why I love Indonesia!"

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Come face to face with wild orangutans in Gunung Leuser NP
Sumatra & Java : Orangutans, Volcanoes & Indonesian Culture - 14 Days

Uncover the highlights of Sumatra and Java on this epic 2-week adventure that takes you deep into the rainforest in search of wild orangutans, high up to the summits of ancient volcanoes, and deep into the history and culture of two of Indonesia's most fascinating islands. Start in Bukit Lawang before making your way to Lake Toba and Samosir Island. From there, head over to Java to marvel at the views from the top of Mount Bromo and explore the countryside and temples around the royal cities of Solo and Yogyakarta.

Family Trip to Indonesia: Bali, Gili Air & Lombok - 21 Days

On this three-week tour, enjoy waterfalls and hot springs, take bicycle tours, climb a mountain, go snorkeling, and spend plenty of time relaxing on gorgeous beaches on Bali, Lombok, and tiny Gili Air. There will be plenty of sights and activities included every day, but also enough downtime to relax around hotel pools and spend quality family time together.

A sunrise at Sanur
Bali Adventure: Ubud, Amed, & Sanur - 10 Days

Over 10 days, you will exercise your leg muscles as you hike to the top of Mount Batur at sunrise and get your adrenaline kicking as you go water rafting along Ayung River. This adventurous itinerary, which includes Bali's top destinations, will start with three days in Ubud where you'll learn about Bali's history as well as have time to explore this scenic and cultural city independently. In Amed, a small fishing village, you'll discover the vibrant tropical colors of Indonesian fish while snorkeling before visiting Lempuyang Temple and then heading to Sanur with a stopover at White Sand Beach.

The morning sun washes Borobudur in golden light
Java: Mount Bromo to Yogyakarta - 8 Days

In eight days, enjoy breathtaking views over active volcanoes, learn about traditional customs in rural villages, and discover a range of biodiversity from mountain peaks to marshy plateaus. You'll experience contemporary life in Yogyakarta, explore calderas, and wander centuries-old Buddhist and Hindu temples along the way. Experience the best of East and Central Java.

Discover the pristine beaches of the Komodo archipelago
Explore Flores & the Komodo Archipelago - 7 Days

From snorkeling with coral sharks to sleeping in a traditional cone-shaped hunt, this week-long itinerary is full of off-the-beaten-path adventures. You'll explore western Flores and the Komodo Archipelago, accompanied by knowledgeable local guides and rangers. Work your way through rugged terrain to secluded caves and remote villages, overnighting in local homes and breaking bread with locals. Then embark on a three-day boat trip through the Komodo archipelago that features jungle hikes, wildlife-viewing walks, and underwater excursions where you'll have the chance to snorkel with colorful fish.

Snorkel amid colorful wildlife in Bunaken National Marine Park
North Sulawesi: From Coral Reefs to Active Volcanoes - 7 Days

This family-friendly week-long itinerary highlights Indonesia's North Sulawesi Island and combines cultural exploration with adventure. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, you begin your trip in Manado, working your way through the region and on to Tangkoko National Park before exploring Bunaken Island off the coast of Manado. You will hike still-active volcanoes, paddle down rapids to waterfalls, observe endemic Sulawesi wildlife, and snorkel thriving coral reefs.