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When I graduated from University, I started as a trainee at China Adventure Travel, and later became an English Speaking guide. After two decades this is still my first job. I am patient, calm and humourous with travelers. Consequently, they feel safe and fun during my trips.
I love China and am passionate about showing my wonderful country to travelers from all over the world. I don't "teach" travelers about China. Instead, I always encourage and help them interact with the people we meet, the events we join, and the local life we encounter. That's my way to show them the real China and it is enjoyed very much by all.
It is my great honor to show the students or families around China. Young people are the future of the world. Showing the real parts of China to them and making friends is so meaningful as a Chinese guide. I am so proud to have made friends from all over the world!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Hiking in different parts of the Great Wall, leading student trips, and family trips.
Most travelers consider the Great Wall the wall of castles. They never imagine the wall is so wide open, with so many different sections. The terrain surrounding the wall can be so different. The views are so stunning. Hiking along the great wall can be very challenging, steps are big, and the wind or sun can be very strong. However, once you have reached the end of hiking while looking back at the great wall, many travels consider it one of their best adventures. In these moments I am touched by their tears or laughter.

How did you get involved in travel?

"My major was English. After my graduation, I wanted to find a job related to English. I met Helena, the GM of China Adventure Travel, she offered me a chance to be a trainee with a student trip cycling in south China. I felt excited after the trip. Consequently, I joined China Adventure Travel and became a guide. This is still my first job after 2 decades! "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Climbing the Huashan Mountain is an experience I will never forget!
When we started climbing it was raining at the foot of the mountain, but when we reached the summit it was snowing! We were all wet and we needed to spend the night atop the mountain, in a small guest house with no electricity supply. We all survived and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise the next morning! "

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