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Damien Beaulin

I studied Business in France and abroad for a few years. After receiving my two Business degrees and traveling, I decided to work in the tourism sector. I was inspired to create unique tours and excursions to promote the authenticity of locals and their work in my area. My passion for traveling helped me to appreciated even more my native French Alps.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in creating extraordinary experiences in the Alps Mont Blanc region. From a trail-running adventure in the woods to spending the night just above the Mer de Glace "Sea of Ice" glacier in Chamonix to culinary discoveries on an authentic Alpine farm, I'll find the perfect combination of people, places and activities for your next trip !"

How did you get involved in travel?

"Back from my studies abroad, I felt that tourism in the Alps didn't live up to the magnitude of its potential. So I started my travel agency of local specialists of off-the-beaten path experiences. Dedicating myself to one destination, The Alps Mont Blanc, meant a necessary expertise that would help me find the best global services for my clients.

My "WHY" is to show the "real" Alps, that of the breathtaking landscapes, generous inhabitants, unusual craftsmen and rich heritage.

I am committed to the local economy and its actors as I rely on an exclusive network of the best qualified professionals to tailor-made your next experience !"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"When I was a tour guide in Namibia, I loved to drive on the small beaten up tracks through the wild bush. One day my group and I found ourselves way off-the-beaten path in a hot spot for "desert" lions and elephants.

The interesting thing was we, my group didn't see the lion or the elephant that the other groups saw... What we saw was "our" lion and "our" desert elephant herd living as they would in the bush. Not in a park. An amazing natural "safari" experience, the animals not accoustumed to seeing people barely even noticed us. Everyone knew and stayed in their place, we respected their environment. And they went on with their lives. We felt true emotion !

The guides that will take you off-the-beaten path and help you live unforgettable experiences are the kind of guides I want to work with ! "

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Sunset on the trail
Tour du Mont-Blanc Self Guided Trek - 7 days

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