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Daniela Migliorati

I love traveling! I love to meet and to know new cultures.
I was born in the north of Italy. In 2014 I left the calm waters of Garda Lake for those of the Atlantic Ocean.
I graduated in Language and Literature.
Today I am an official guide for the government of the Canary Islands and of the National Park of Timanfaya.
I love foreign languages. I fluently speak four languages. Speaking other languages also means to know the culture of a certain country.
I know very well all the Canary Islands.
I love to live and work in Lanzarote, the art and the nature of this place is simply amazing.
I definitely found the perfect place to develop my attitude and my passions; here nature turns into art.
What does travelling mean for each one of us? There is not a right or wrong answer.
Our different interpretations result in different ways of travelling, which represent our own way of doing it.
Each travel tells something about us: "Tell me how you travel and I will tell you who you are" . Travelling is one of the main steps into the educational process.
Every journey is different. It’s like our reflection in the mirror.
It talks about ourselves, our own lives, our most important choices.
Not only physical journeys, but also mental journeys: they help us getting rid of every preconceptions and prejudices.
Travelling is the ability to go toward the other. It’s solving problems in alternative ways, using our own strenghts, getting in touch with what’s different.
It’s the contact with different people who speak “impossible” languages. The possibility of realizing that the world is not just the tiny country we were born, but rather somenthing much greater.
And the best part of it, is not just visiting beautiful places, but meeting amazing people. In so little time, you can establish relationships for a lifetime.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialized in the interpretation of the landscape of the Canary Islands and in particular in the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote.
Decoding the landscape means to understand the history, the culture and the language of the people that have moulded the same landscape.
I think to be an expert in creating the perfect trip, for each customer.
I try to make each trip unique and unforgettable; through my knowledge, the visitor can understand and fall in love with the fantastic landscape of Lanzarote.
In One Two Trek, we are experts in trekking, soft adventure travel, guided tours of art, culture, food, and nature in Lanzarote and Canary islands .
With us you will discover the other side of the Canary islands,
Away from the conventional tourist circuits you can dive into a wild nature;
You can live and understand the reality of these islands thanks to their history, their culture. You can understand the people who transformed this little corner of world into a paradise!

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have a degree in Spanish language and literature from Bergamo University in Italy.
I began working in Italy as a guide and traveled around Europe, studying and working before settling in Lanzarote.
I was looking for a place where I could grow up professionally without leaving Europe, a place where I could speak the languages what I studied.In Lanzarote, not far from home, I found what I was looking for:
I found a place where time seems to have stopped; here nature becomes art. It’s an island with a particular energy. Through my work my customers experience the magic that this island offers to us.
Since 1 year I’ve been working for One Two Trek, with Gilles. I am very happy because with Gilles we are creating experiences, special paths to offer to our customers. We are specialists in active tourism.
What differentiates us from the others, is that we create a tailor-made journey, with attention to all details.
We want to offer to our customer a different image of the Canary Islands. I think discovering the Canary Islands with us is a unique experience as well as a wonderful adventure.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My first long trip to Spain:
In 1998 I left Italy alone to discover Spain for six months.
It was an unique experience because during this trip I understood who I was and above all who I wanted to be.
I met many different people, belonging to different cultures and who spoke different languages. Each one of them taught me a lot.
I tested myself, the way i used to solve problems, my communication and socialization ability .
I have so many good memories of this trip, one in particolar: "A rafting experience down a river in the Pyrenees mountains." I remember the emotion of rafting the river with a wonderful group of people that I didn’t know before. And even though we were all helping each other.
I learned to fall but also to rise up again. It was a fantastic adventure!
“ Every trip is a piece of our soul that we merge and look for the last wedge that will discloses us the mystery of our existence."


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