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Danielle Melgoza

I aim to bestow English-speaking visitors rich, authentic and unforgettable experiences in France; so my role is that of a trusted Anglo/Franco liaison for France holiday experiences. I am an American living in Nantes and enjoy sharing my expertise in the western region, as well as the rest of France in the form of planning, recommending, informing and organizing unique and meaningful trips.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Though I am settled in the west, I specialize in the whole of France as I have travelled extensively throughout the country, including Paris - which is truly in a class of its own. I am knowledgeable about chateaux in the Loire and wine excursions, as well as bike and river tours. I like making the most out of each region depending on the season. The great thing about France is that its small enough to explore by car, but big enough to offer distinct things depending on the region. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I studied abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica for one year while in college and learned to love (and loved to learn) travel. I discovered that my love for culture and knowledge of it was best expressed in sharing it with others in the form of teaching, informing and communicating it. Since then I have travelled all over Europe, North and South America, India, Japan and Africa, and noticed the one thing that connects us all are not places or things, rather the moments and experiences around places and things. So naturally, I gravitated towards arranging travel experiences. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I will never forget the day in Holbox, Mexico when I walked across the bay in knee-deep water to a small sand island in the middle of the ocean during low tide, and later when I tried to walk back to shore the tide was rising at such a spectacular speed that I ended up with water up to my ears: I had my phone, camera, and valuables in my backpack and thus had to balance my backpack on top of my head to keep it from drowning in the ocean! Unforgettable."

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