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"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." [John Muir, John of the Mountains]

Discovering the lush beauty of Canada is best done by putting your hands right on it and feeling it. Living in and experiencing the Canadian Outdoors means taking pride in knowing and understanding the geological and geographical history as well as its, and our, impact on the future of this unique place on earth. Living and working in Canada for many years as a tour guide all the way from Anchorage (Alaska) to Vancouver (British Columbia) gave me a profound perspective on how things should be done right on tours. This led to starting Arctic Range Adventure and shaping a successful tourism operation with a clear vision on safety, sustainability and service.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Specialized in the Arctic, Yukon and Alaska, "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started working as a tour guide to explore the tremendous beauty of Canada."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"During a week-long dog sledding expeditions, I was standing on a frozen lake in the absolute backcountry of Yukon around midnight. While enjoying the crisp clear night sky I watched the colorful display of dancing Northern Lights above me. Suddenly there was a swich-like sound which matched the movements of the dancing Northern Lights. I can attest, you can hear the Northern Lights."

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Aurora borealis (northern lights) in the Yukon
Northern Lights, Wildlife & Hot Springs - 4 Days

Discover scenic Whitehorse, endless mountains, and a winter wonderland on this tour of the frozen north. Spend your days viewing Arctic animals in a wildlife preserve, soaking in hot springs, and exploring the mountainous landscape by dog sled. In the evenings, head just outside of town for clear skies and a stunning view of the northern lights from the comfort of a roaring campfire.

The Northern Lights
Yukon Winter Adventure - 5 Days

Take a trip to the far north and experience five days of snowy adventures in a winter wonderland. From snowmobiling to dogsledding to a sightseeing flight above the frozen landscape, you'll explore everything the Arctic has to offer. Stop and see wildlife up-close at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve before relaxing with a luxurious soak in the Takhini Hot Springs.

 Have fun on the ice in the Artic
Arctic Winter Road Trip - 8 Days

Explore some of the most remote corners of Canada with this exhilarating eight-day itinerary around the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Travel overland from the Pacific to the Arctic on scenic highways through the mountains and along ancient roads made of ice. Meet the First Nations people who call this icy wonderland home, and make sure to keep an eye out for the northern lights!

Untouched mountain vistas in Canada's northwestern territory
Active Summer Adventure in the Yukon - 5 Days

This guided tour explores Canada's spectacular far north during optimal daylight hours for a unique summertime adventure with few crowds. In less than a week, you'll partake in hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing, as well as hot springs and a seaplane ride for aerial views of the country's highest peaks. Base yourself in the walkable city of Whitehorse for restaurants, microbreweries, and Gold Rush history.

Uncrowded roads and non-stop views
Alaska & Yukon Summits Road Trip - 5 Days

North America's Golden Circle route offers some of the continent's grandest scenery and best wildlife, with opportunities for viewing the midnight sun or aurora borealis depending on the time of year. With this five-day adventure tour, you'll travel between Alaska and the Yukon, encountering White Pass and Chilkat Pass (and their villages) used during the Klondike Gold Rush. You'll also reach Haines by ferry and continue to the edges of Kluane National Park, boasting Canada’s highest peak.

Canada's northwest territory is prime for viewing the northern lights
Aurora Viewing in the Yukon - 4 Days

The aurora borealis (northern lights) take center stage on this four-day winter jaunt in northwest Canada. Based in the Yukon's capital of Whitehorse, you'll spend each evening at an idyllic location called the AuroraCentre for relaxed viewing beside a cozy wood stove or roaring campfire. Meanwhile, daylight hours are free for winter sports and hot springs, not to mention shopping and dining in a slow-paced city surrounded by untouched nature.

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Alaskan northern lights
the United States | Jan 5 - Jan 8, 2019

adam s.
Bel Air, MD | Reviewed on Jan 09, 2019

Felix put together the vacation of a lifetime. Everyone we came in contact with was incredibly professional and friendly. Tom, Tifiin and Magda were fantastic and super helpful with getting us around and seeing the northern lights. Pierre gave us probably our favorite experience with the dog sledding. Best day ever! Mark was extremely helpful and informative on our snow mobile adventure.
I can't wait to see the next vacation adventure that Kimkim puts together for us.
Thanks again!

Local specialist: Felix Geithner
Felix Geithner
Local specialist in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada | Reviewed on Jan 12, 2019

It's fantastic to hear you enjoyed your tour here in the Yukon. It was certainly a pleasure having your family here with us and I hope you will come back to visit some day. The summer season is breathtaking as well...