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Gianni Sterpinetti

I'm a founder and general manager of Just Enjoy by Umbria Time.
I know the excellence of my wonderful region.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Umbria the Green Heart of Italy, we are specialized in tailor-made tours and wedding planning. Our activities include wine tasting, cycling, rafting, horseback riding and more. We also offer courses in ceramics, glass making, mosaics, chocolate, and cooking,

We have called our tour operator Just Enjoy because we’re convinced we have the world’s best job, one that allows us to enjoy ourselves while we create experiences for our customers.
We know every little secret about our region – Umbria – and are profoundly convinced that it’s a place worth visiting, a place to spend time, learn about its age-old traditions and explore its truest aspects. If “tourism” still means the array of activities related to travel and recreation, then what we do at JustEnjoy is “pure tourism”.
We look at every aspect of the region through the eyes of the tourist who has chosen to get away from the repetitiveness of everyday routine and enjoy the luxury of an extraordinary experience.
Luxury, when you travel, means seeking experiences rather than material things: we offer unique experiences specifically related to the places you visit.

Our mission is to offer exclusive sensations, making you feel like you’re the first person to visit a place – even if it’s world famous.
Tailor-made, marked by excellence, customized: these are some of the keywords we bear in mind when we think about our customers.
Then the beauty of Umbria takes care of the rest! Umbria is a small, concentrated region: you’ll find rolling hills overlooking the lake and, just a short distance away, the rugged slopes of the Apennines. Umbria has no metropolises: it is the quintessential expression of the concept of “slow living”.
Umbria is the perfect place for everyone: a short break to unwind, a longer stay to enjoy everything the region has to offer, a trip with friends or family, to get married, or for a business meeting. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Anyone as a child has loved to hear stories, imagining to live them in the role of the main character and putting them on stage in games with peers.
And as adults, the magic continues with books, movies, role-playing games, theater and all those activities that focus on what human beings have always loved: telling and/or listening to stories, experiencing emotions and sharing them. , explore new worlds.
Travel is one of the means of excellence that allows you to know and experience emotions to tell.
And that's why I embarked on the road of the Tour Operator,
because I love making "unique and interesting experiences" and "getting into the local life and culture".
The happiness and smiles of every tourist are priceless ......."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"It was 2000......
There are places where the rain is expected and desired, and when it finally arrives, there is a moment of joy and collective celebration. The best time to visit Senegal is certainly the winter one, when the Harmattan blows lightly, which caresses the skin, making even very high temperatures pleasant.
Going out in the evening after a rain in the desert is an unforgettable experience, especially after the end of Ramadan. The streets are filled with people and everywhere around you can see children and teenagers running and cycling like crazy, musicians who seem to merge with their instruments and whoever gives you a smile. In the so-called soirées sénégalaises, the best dancers and dancers perform in very complicated dances at the center of human circles, which form spontaneously, marking the rhythm of the sabar with perfect harmony.

They look like shows prepared in months of hard work and instead are "simple" improvisations, even if based on a musical language that is learned from the first months of life.
Music, perfumes, sounds, and colors are already a valid reason to visit this magical place.
The infinite spaces, the remote places, the vast expanses of Baobab, the pink lake, the wonderful local people and their Teranga (hospitality) make it an unforgettable place!"

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