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My travel career began on the spectacular island state of Tasmania - creating unforgettable adventure holidays for guests in wilderness destinations in Tasmania and across the breadth of Australia. I have extensive experience in inbound and outbound tourism and am a passionate about finding the most unforgettable holiday experiences for all visitors to our great country.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"All areas of Australia and New Zealand. Active and adventure travel. Small and large group travel. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I started as a tour guide - sharing my love for the heritage and wildlife in Tasmania. My passion spread to all things Australian and also grew to cover New Zealand in my love for wilderness, hiking and sustainability."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I've had so many! One of my favourites was - sitting quietly with a local cat on my lap, watching the sun set slowly over the Fann mountains after a long day hiking on the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail in China. "

Beautiful Milford Sound in New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand Adventure: Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne & Queenstown - 16 Days

This two-week crossover trip takes you from Australia to New Zealand with plenty of adventure laced throughout. Start by touring one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world: Sydney. Then, head to Cairns to explore the Great Barrier Reef. In the last Australian stop, Melbourne, you'll spend time in hip neighborhoods and visit wild kangaroos and koalas. Afterward, it'll be time to hop over to New Zealand, where you'll get your adrenaline fix in Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world.

Cairns Lagoon
Australia Highlights: Sydney, Cairns, & The Outback - 7 Days

Spend a week in three of Australia’s eventful regions—Sydney, Uluru, and Cairns. Go sightseeing in Sydney, from The Rocks to Bondi Beach, then adventure through the stunning Blue Mountains region. Next, get a taste of The Outback in Uluru, where spectacular colors change from sunrise to sunset over Ayers Rock. Then, travel to Cairns to experience the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, along with an exciting journey across the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

Australia in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

December is the first month of summer in most of Australia (and the rainy season in the tropical north). It's a busy time of year with school holidays around Christmas and New Year, and an increase in international visitors who come to experience Australia's famously hot weather. And, despite temperatures being very hot in some places, there are also plenty of places to cool down and avoid the heat, if you prefer.