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Isabelle Arnoux

After a trip to Senegal, my heart met Africa! A few months later, I was very lucky to find my first job in South Africa. In this country I gained my experience in travel organisation working for a French DMC. I discovered an apartheid-ravaged Southern Africa but ready to raise its head and open up to the world ! A beautiful country where wildlife and huge spaces affected me as much as people's eyes.
2 years later my life changed : I crossed the border and discovered Namibia ! Bewitched by this beautiful country, I decided to settle there. I will stay more than 8 years searching every corner of this vast country by foot, 4x4 or small planes but also of neighboring countries like Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
Back in the South of France in 2009, I discovered the world of hiking. The journeys on foot seduced me immediately. What better way to discover a country, its inhabitants, its flora, its fauna. Step by step, I became acquainted with the islands of Cape Verde, Azores and Madeira. These former Portuguese colonies, exude a crazy charm !

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We are specialist walking trip in Azores, Madeira and Cap Verde island. We are also offering a bit of mountain bike in Madeira."

How did you get involved in travel?

"In fact, I do not know ... since as long as I remember, I wanted to travel, to discover different cultures, different landscapes ... I completed my studies in the design of touristic circuits. And that's it ! Now I live now from my passion setting up itineraries, tailor made travel to meet your expectations."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Probably my first trip to Azores Islands, this archipelago nestled in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. I did not expect so much diversity in such a small area. Climbing Mount Pico in Pico island was my first experience in Azores but not the least ! This mountain is the highest peak of Portugal culminating at 2351 m above the ocean. The ascent was hard, but once on top I realised I was on the top of a dormant volcano right in the middle of Altantic ocean … an unique moment where I felt an immense feeling of freedom and at the same time of vulnerability to the greatness of nature ! I think it is a this specific moment I felt in love with the archipelago. "

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