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My name is Jon and Japan has become a second home to me. I spent two years living in Kagoshima prefecture on a small island in the south and have been back several times since then. While working as a high school Assistant English Teacher, I got to know Japanese culture and landscape. I am partial to the southern ocean scene but have travelled as far as Hokkaido in the north. Some of my favorite places in Japan include Tokyo, Miyajima, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. A lot of what makes a place a favorite for me has to do with its local dishes. I am a huge Ramen and Sushi fan! I hope you visit Japan and make a favorites list of your own.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Since most of my time in Japan involved being an islander, I always promote ocean activities. I love fishing and snorkeling. I haven't been scuba diving yet but it is on my list. I am also a big hiker. Japan has a lot to offer for hiking. From the famous peak of Mt. Fuji to the ancient pilgrimage of the Kumano Kodo trial, there is something for everyone."

How did you get involved in travel?

"After learning so much about Japan I realized how much I loved sharing my knowledge with friends and family. Later I decided to make it my career!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I will never forget the time I put my family on a ferry to Okinawa during a typhoon. It was the last ferry they were letting depart because of the approaching storm. I had warned them that the trip would be rough but they insisted on boarding the boat away. It was an absolute night mare!! I have never seen waves that big before in real life. My brother and I were somehow spared by the sea sickness but everyone else were hugging the toilets. We managed to make it there in one piece and everyone quickly recovered. I hope they all think it was worth it in order to spend the full allotted time on the beautiful southern island. "

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The original paved stones of the old Nakasendo Trail
Walking the Historic Nakasendo Trail - 10 Days

Take a walk through time on this 10-day Japan tour. The highlight of this journey is a self-guided walk on the Nakasendo Trail, a historic walking route that's part of feudal Japan's original network of highways. Historically, travelers on the mountain path between Kyoto and Tokyo took several days to travel the distance, staying overnight in jukus (post towns or post station villages). You'll retrace their footsteps as you meander through serene forests, dip in thermal springs, and rest in local inns by night, taking time to explore the vibrant cities of Kyoto and Tokyo at the start and end of the trip.