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I consider travel as a true experience of life, as an implication in a local way of living. Travelling is staring at reality. Travelling is sharing. Working in the travel industry is a dream becoming reality. What's better in life than advising travelers about realizing their dreams?

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Colombia is THE most contrasted country of Latin America. From the Andes Cordillera to the Amazon, through the colonial city of Cartagena, the small "pueblos" in Boyaca & Santander, whale watching on the Pacific Coat, Caño Cristales, the Coffee Region... Colombia has an infinite ways of being discovered! Tell us who you are, why are you wishing to travel around Colombia... we will create a tailor made trip, just for you."

How did you get involved in travel?

"In 2004, I decided to establish myself in South Africa working for a big french company in Johannesburg. After a few months, I bought a 4x4 and drove from Johannesburg to Nairobi during 6 months! A great experience and my first step into travel! After that, I lived in Cusco (Peru), La Paz (Bolivia) and now in beautiful Colombia!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"5AM. Flight from Bogota to Yopal.
7AM. 5 hours 4x4 driving to a small lodge in the Casanare region, in the middle of... nowhere!
1 PM. Welcome to the Llanos... this huge part of Colombia stuck between the Cordillera & the Amazon. Horse-riding with my guide (a real Colombian cowboy), oh look at the anaconda over there... Jaguars, festival of birds, capybaras, caimans... where I am?!"

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Best Places To Visit In Colombia

Colombia’s diverse culture and geography attract visitors from across the globe. You’ll discover an incredible range of places and people. Everywhere you go, you’ll enjoy the unmatched hospitality and warmth of Colombia’s people.

Tayrona Parque, Colombia
Best Time to Visit Colombia

Colombia has tropical weather and a stable equatorial climate throughout the year. High seasons for tourism are December-February and June-August, coinciding the driest weather—expect big crowds and a festive atmosphere. Head to the Amazon rainforest during the second half of the year, when easily-navigable waterways bring more opportunities for wildlife spotting and hiking. And whale-watching season on the Pacific Coast starts in July.

Church of Santa Barbara in Barichara
Colombia's Central Andes and Coastal Tour - 9 days

After exploring the markets and culture of Bogota, head to the colonial town of Villa de Leyva, famous for its Salt Cathedral located 200 meters underground. Afterwards, enjoy the majestic views of Chicamocha Canyon before heading to Rosario Islands for a taste of the coast.

The lush coffee region of the Cocora Valley
Bogota, Cocora Valley, Medellin and Cartagena - 9 days

On this 9-day tour, you'll get to explore the historical and cultural side of Bogota before heading to the wax palm forests of the Cocora Valley. After spending some time on a local coffee plantation, head over to the beautiful city of Medellin, the home town of the famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. Finally, head north to the Pearl of the Caribbean, the colorful town of Cartagena.

Colombian Adventure: Summit to River - 9 Days
Colombian Adventure: Summit to River - 9 Days

From the ice-capped summits of the Sierra Nevada glaciers to the lush tropical rainforest, discover Colombia's astounding biodiversity and contemporary cultures. This tour takes you from city culture to scenic mountain landscapes to the famous coffee region. Finally, experience Colombia as few do, on a river rafting expedition through lush forest.