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Khandmaa Chadraabal

I am a fun and responsible person. I have been working in the tourism industry in the last 9 years.

How did you get involved in travel?

"I am Khandaa and I have been working in the tourism industry for 9 years. I got a bachelor's degree by business administration in 2012 and unexpectedly I joined the tourism industry working marketing team of a travel agency. While I was working in the marketing department, I found out my real passion for tourism and wanted to work tour department. In doing so, I decided to work as a tour guide gaining experience in inbound tourism. Since 2016, I get involved New Milestone Tours company and have been working as a tour guide and tour manager. Working in the tourism industry especially with a great team has helped me lose myself in the service of others. Therefore, I completed professional tour guide training and currently, I am freshmen of BYUI-online degree. I love to travel, climbing mountains, and meet people who have a different background.

15 years ago, the small seeds planted in my heart /I mean my passion for tourism/
I was born and raised in a small village in the central part of Mongolia. Every summer, I spent three months in the countryside with my grandparents. During my vacation, I had an opportunity to know about the nomadic culture and lifestyle. This knowledge and experience in nomadic life influenced me to respect and be proud of our own unique culture. Furthermore, it leads me to work in the tourism industry.


Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"3 years ago, I had a great trip with our customers who came from Malta and we have been traveled for 34 days through most of the Mongolian travel destinations. Even though it was challenging and it helped me to out of my comfort zone and gain great experience in my life. Plus, it deepened knowledge about my country's the bountiful culture and tradition, paleontological findings, geography, and attractions places. "

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