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If you are looking for high adventures or just simple quiet solitude, if you are looking for unique scenery or a unique culture, whether you plan on staying for a day, a week, a month or even a year in Mongolia, friendly our team of New Milestone Tours will provide your every need.

Whether you choose our pre-planned tour or want us to customize a special tour, we will take care of everything for you, starting from your first day of arrival in Mongolia until the day you depart.

New Milestone Tour Company offers travelers a range of tours and services, including:
- Tailormade tours
- Photography tours
- Project and expedition tours and logistics services for historical, cultural and scientific groups to any destination in Mongolia
- 1-day and short-distance General travels and guide arrangements for business visitors, missionary parents, and individuals – backpackers, bikers, and others.
- Visits to local nomad camps which offers an opportunity to learn about Mongolia’s unique culture
- Multi-activity trips into Mongolia’s pristine wilderness on horseback or trekking through the desert by camel
- Cross country SUV tours and off-roading adventures
- Visits to Mongolia’s historical sites, museums, and Buddhist temples
- Fishing trips to Mongolia’s fresh-watered rivers for a chance to catch a taimen, the largest breed of salmon in the world measuring up to 7-feet long
- Rugged camping in either Mongolian traditional accommodations called Ger (Yurts) or luxurious abodes
- A variety of food including Mongolian BBQ, Mongolian hot pot and other local and western cuisine (Vegetarian and Vegan meals are always available)
- Special project logistics – we are experienced in helping with projects such as expeditions, art, and media projects (photography shooting, filming and documentary movies) and charity and humanitarian projects (travel to isolated locations to help with supplies of medical care, food, clothing, and other relief products)

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Dramatic skies over Terelj National Park
Northern Mongolia Adventure - 10 Days

This 10-day tour takes you through some of Mongolia's most impressive cultural and natural wonders. You'll hike to Aglag Buteel Monastery to see Buddhist art, visit Uran Togoo National Park and its extinct volcano, and ride a horse-drawn sleigh on Lake Khuvsgul. Most nights will be spent in traditional gert camps with nomadic families. Of course, you'll also get to see Ulaanbaatar, with city tours of the bustling capital.

Explore Mongolia
Best Time To Visit Mongolia

Mongolia’s geographic location in the heart of the Asian landmass - with no ocean to regulate its climate - results in long and frigid winters and a short, blustery spring. By contrast, Mongolia’s three-month summer bursts with activity - with Naadam sports festivals and opportunities to explore the countryside by Jeep, horseback or on foot. Autumn is the time to visit western Mongolia and experience the thrilling eagle festivals of Bayan Ölgii.

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Mongolia 2019 ! · Mongolia - Aug 19 - Aug 25, 2019

Traveler: Wayne L. - Local specialist: Adiyabold Namkhai

Fantastic trip and wonderful country to visit . Adiyabold and team were excellent

Adiyabold Namkhai profile photo
Adiyabold Namkhai, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you Wayne, it was a pleasure to provide you a tour and introduce Mongolia, our beautiful home country.