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Hi! My name is Magnus! I'm from the Southern Norway and travelled all around the world. I've explored almost all of the world's continent - including Antartica - except for Oceania. With spontaneous and carefully planned experience, I'm looking forward to taking the challenge of making your trip a precious memory. I love to discover new cultures, landscapes and cities. As well as having traveled the coast-line here in Norway, I have a lot of ideas of what I would recommend a traveler coming to Norway :)

I've lived a year in Buenos Aires, so if you'd like, we could also communicate in Spanish.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"When I lived in Argentina, a friend and I traveled to the north of the country. We spent our two out of three days exploring the landscape. What made this trip so special was how the travel agents carefully planned our routes."

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Bergen's UNESCO-listed waterfront after a snowfall.
Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 8 Days

Experience the magic of a Norwegian winter with this diverse 8-day itinerary. After a night in the thriving capital of Oslo, you'll take one of the steepest trains in the world to Flåm's snow-covered fjords. Journey west to Bergen, where you’ll explore its UNESCO-listed waterfront and vibrant restaurants before flying north to picturesque Tromsø. Finish the trip with two nights in the Arctic wilderness, dogsledding through snowy forests and searching for the northern lights.

End the adventure with three nights in the Lofoten Islands
Best of Summer in Norway Tour - 12 Days

Check off a number of stunning summer gems in southern and northern Norway with this 12-day adventure. After kicking off in Oslo, you'll take a train and ferry to Balestrand to kayak in the Sognefjord. From here, ferry to Bergen and visit a glacier before boarding a Hurtigruten cruise for several days of fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under long days of sunshine. Finally, make your way to the Lofoten Islands and explore a series of gorgeous islands by rental car at your own pace.

Bergen's waterfront UNESCO World Heritage Site after a snowfall
Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 7 Days

Escape the summer crowds with this winter trip highlighting both southern and northern Norway. Starting in Oslo—Europe's fastest-growing capital—you'll take one of the steepest trains in the world towards the fjords. Then train to Bergen, a UNESCO-listed city loaded with culture and restaurants. Finish with two nights at a resort in the Arctic where you'll dog sled and search for the Northern Lights.

Stay a night along the Geirangerfjord between Bergen and Trondheim
Summer Road Trip: Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim - 12 Days

This journey highlights Norway's three biggest cities with scenic detours along the way. Start off in sophisticated Oslo before traveling by train and ferry to UNESCO-listed Bergen. From here, drive through fjord-side villages to Ålesund, known for its art nouveau architecture, and Kristiansund. Finish off in Trondheim with colorful wooden homes, café culture, and tree-lined streets for cycling.

Ålesund is considered Norway's prettiest city, and rightfully so.
Discover Norway by Train and Boat - 10 Days

This relaxing summer itinerary checks off Norway's three biggest cities, traveling by train, ferry, and fjord cruise for a true Scandinavian adventure. Spend a night in the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund, explore cultural sites and cool neighborhoods with a guide, and take advantage of great hiking, biking, and stand-up paddleboarding along the way.

Hike up to these views overlooking Lake Ringedalsvatnet and stay overnight.
Nordic Adventure for Outdoor Lovers - 5 Days

This epic jaunt through Western Norway encompasses a slew of outdoor activities — like hiking, biking, and camping — for travelers who want to experience as much summer fun as they can fit in five days. After a night in Bergen, you'll drive through some of Norway's most spectacular scenery as you make your way to Trolltunga, Aurland, Myrdal, and Flåm. Squeeze in a speedboat ride through a UNESCO-protected fjord before heading to the airport for your flight home.