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Born and raised in Athens, I was lucky enough as a child to travel a lot both in Greece and abroad.
Moreover, in our house there was always a story to be told, either regarding my grandfather who used to work as a guard at the Acropolis (back in the ‘30s), my grandparents who left for Brasil and returned to Greece when my dad was already 6 years old, my grandmother who used to live in Egypt, or from my parents’ experiences in Italy, where they went for studies. Memories and experiences were always part of my life and it seems I was determined to create mine and be able to share them too, with friends, family and guests..

As a person I was always “curious”, so while studying, I tried various jobs and the money earned was always used for my next trip. Meeting new people, exchanging experiences and ideas, talking foreign languages and learning more about different cultures always used to amaze me! As for everyday life? My agenda is always full; new restaurant and bar openings, museums and cultural events, wine tastings, sports and music events..

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Athens, mainland and islands. I do plan trips all around Greece for couples, families and groups including all kind of activities, making sure they have a memorable stay. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I always tried to travel and in every chance I had, I would book tickets and leave.. I was 16 years old when I realized I really wanted to find a way to show the best part of Greece to the world. I could see that there was a potential in tourism and so many things to do in this country, instead of booking an all-inclusive resort and spending the days just at the pool; yes, it used to happen a lot at that time!

After studying Economics in the University of Athens, I left for Milan, where I did my Master in Tourism Management and started working in Travel.

After four amazing years in Italy and with a lot of new ideas and dreams, I returned to Greece in 2012 and since then, I am planning trips for visitors that wish to explore Greece in a unique way, looking for the real insights. I am always in search for the best and I love meeting and sharing tips with guests, guiding them to the hot spots of the areas they are visiting and trying to re-assure they will have a memorable vacation. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"The choice is always hard, but let me talk about an alternative trip to the Northern Greece, not the typical summer one.. My best friend and I always organize at least one trip per year together. In 2014 as we were both very busy, we didn’t have the time to plan anything, so we just got to the airport of Athens and took the first flight available, which was going to Thessaloniki. During the flight ( less than 1 hour) we decided that we were going to rent a car and make a road trip in the Northern Greece.

We started driving, half way following our GPS and half way our instinct; I always enjoy doing this, even if I can end up lost!

Dinner time was close and I just remembered one of my co-students in Italy owned a hotel in the area. Called her and luckily we got a room for 2 nights in her wonderful boutique property in Naoussa. Stone and wood, family run property with great ambience. We tried the wines of the area and got the best tips from her, in order to explore the area.

We were amazed with the scenery, this part of Greece has significant wine production so we visited a few wineries, as well as the environmental center of Arktouros, a Greek ecological organization that focuses its efforts on saving the brown bear and its habitats.
In a small village where it seemed like there are no residents at all, we saw a small restaurant and tried one of the best risotto. While there we realized the restaurant had many awards and even a Michelin star; who would have thought! The next days were filled-in with various stops, including the School of Aristoteles and a museum next to it, which was just built and yet not open for the public daily. Beautiful nature, mountains and rivers, ski slopes.. Every stop was a surprise and it was one more time I said to myself that Greece will never stop amazing me! "

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