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Curated Greece is composed of a dedicated team of travel enthusiasts and experts excited to welcome you to Greece to discover its beauty in an authentic and personal way. Greece is or has become home to us and we are proud to share the depths of the country with you for a unique, luxurious, tailor made and unforgettable holiday.

We have a wide range of travel experiences that have contributed and reiterated the fact that everyone travels differently, which is why we are decided to make the travel experience more personal and authentic. Looking back at our trips, we often say “Oh I wish we did this or went there or tried that.” Here at Curated Greece we want to adapt and create a trip that satisfies all your interests that make a perfect holiday. We aim to provide a detail-oriented service that meets your every expectation and leaves you with no regrets. We look forward to getting to know you to make this possible!

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Featured trips & expertise

Coast of Skopelos near Neo Klima
Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 5 Days

If you're looking out for a place to go, dance your way through this five-day Greek itinerary featuring the island filming location of Mamma Mia. After landing in Athens, head down to the slopes of Mount Pelion and then out to Skopelos island where Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried worked on the 2008 film before you return to Athens.

Sunset over the island of Mykonos
2 Weeks in Greece - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Two weeks is a great length for a Greek vacation. You'll have plenty of time to see multiple islands and historic mainland sites, taking part in cultural or outdoor activities along the way. These itineraries explore the possibilities: get active on some of the Cyclades lesser-known islands, dive into ancient mythology, enjoy a laidback beach holiday, and more.

Oia windmill
Relaxed Athens, Santorini, Naxos & Mykonos - 12 Days

Greece has roughly 2,000 islands within its borders, but with 12 days to travel, you'll focus on these three favorites after a tour through the capital's food scene. See the star Santorini caldera, then sail to Naxos to take a spin around the beaches. Then it's off to Mykonos for a farm tour and more beach time before you head back to Athens.

Flowers on a Santorini terrace
Relaxed Athens, Santorini, Naxos & Mykonos - 13 Days

As the world's leading producer of sea sponges, Greece knows something about lounging by the shore. Channel your inner sponge and soak up the Cycladic sun on this 13-day itinerary. Get a taste of the city vibes in Athens before you head to the islands, where a catamaran cruise, cooking classes, and the calming waves will help you absorb every last moment.

The turquoise waters and rocky shores of Crete
Discover Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 11 Days

If you're looking for a classic Greek vacation that hits all the cultural highlights, this exciting itinerary is for you! You'll explore everything from the ancient ruins of Athens to the beaches of Mykonos and the magnificent hills of Santorini. Immerse yourself in authentic village life in Crete and visit the Minotaur's palace before you return to Athens for a culinary sendoff.