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Philippe CAPEL

Hi I'm Philippe. I'm French and I love History. Originally a lawyer, I changed my professional field after meeting my wife, Martina who was already working in Tourism industry.

We bought and managed a Hotel in Provence (South of France). It was a great place to welcome people for vacations and weddings. During this time, I led cooking classes and workshops that focused on local culture

Years later, we took our 7 and 9-year-old boys and traveled to various continents for several years. We got some volunteer jobs, teaching languages or restaurant and hotel techniques.

We arrived in Peru almost 4 years ago, and we fell in love. I had found my ideal country: a place with great people, traditions, nature, and thousands of cultures.

We decided to stay in the northern part of Peru, and met local people who wanted to work in the tourism industry. We thought, "maybe we could help them."

From the beginning, education and work for locals were our priorities. We designed tailor-made trips to Northern Peru and started promoting trips in this wonderful, but still unknown region.

It was so great to do something new and different from the others.

Experience is our credo. When you book with us, you meet local people, immerge into local culture, get professional advice, professional guides and unforgetable memories.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Peru is a very big country. We specialize in Northern Peru, the place we call home. There you find everything: Pre-Colombian civilizations, amazing natural spots, traditions, craftwork, and food.

We specialize in tailor-made packages. The goal is to get visitors to meet local people and support sustainable activities respecting the environment rules.

Our visitors will be conscious of how difficult it can be for some conservation areas to keep on protecting woods or mountains against destruction.

Offering a complement of income to people in little villages can be an opportunity to keep people, activities, and traditions alive in small villages. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel is one of life's greatest experiences. When you travel you leave your comfort area, your brain is open and you need other people to help you. I like to share this idea with people, first of all with my sons.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"We were in Thailand almost seven years ago, traveling with our 2 boys. We just jumped out of the bus with our bacpacks in a place that was not in the Lonely Planet, because I liked the surroundings. We were at this place with no plan, no reservation and no idea of what to do over there.

Actually, the bus stop was a little outside of this little town. We were exactly in the middle of nowhere. At a moment, someone came to ask us what we were doing here. I sincerely answered that I had no idea.

We finally followed this person and ended in a place that was welcoming kids from the hill tribes. We spent a few incredible days, staying at the center, and had a great time.

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