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Serena D'Este

Serena began her career in the travel industry in 2000s. Upon graduation at the Technical Training College for Tourism in Venice, Italy, she was offered a job as a travel agent and of course she fell in love with the travel business and never wanted to do anything else. She brings a varied background in tourism, especially in the outgoing department and travel experience to her role. She is responsible today for individual and small groups as well as for the activity of the commercialization of the agency. She also was responsible for extensive email, marketing program, website, collateral, social media efforts and presentations. She is mother of a doughter that share the same passion for travel.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am specialized to designs tailor-made programs with careful attention to detail and accuracy, synonymous with the “Made in Italy” label. Located in Venice we could be your ad travel agency in Italy that builds your personalized itinerary. We feature a client-centric service that focuses on organizing fully customized travel.
We provide a varied and wide range of services: from a Shopping and Fashion experience, to know the largest brands of Italian fashion design and life-style to a Culture, Food, and Traditions experience, through which guests can get in touch with the cultural beauty and gastronomic itineraries to better appreciate regional identities.
Last but not least the Sport & Golf experience immerses visitors in the unique and special atmosphere of some of the most popular sporting events in Italy.
We also have portfolio of the most beautiful hotels, villas and apartments alla around the country.

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