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Like most of you, I am also a travel addict! There is no feeling that could beat the one right after purchasing a plane ticket to a new destination!

From the very first time I knew what it was about, I decided to dedicate my life to travel, and to help others find the joy I find everytime I pack a bag for a new adventure.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"My country is one of the things I'm most proud of! Everything about it is so beautiful, with flaws and all. Argentina has a lot to offer, everything a traveler could ever wish for! North to South, East to West. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"My very first time away from home didn't come until I was 18 years old, with a trip to El Calafate, Argentina. It was an incredible experience, that made me feel awake. Made me feel like I wasn't living to the fullest until I traveled for the first time. That's when it hit me: This is what I want for my life."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Lucky me for all the things I've lived in my yet short life! So far I've:
- Been locked in a cage with wheels surrounded by wild lions
- Jumped in a helicopter to land on the snowy peaks of Mount Cook
- Swam with the most colorful little fishes in the Great Barrier Reef
- Climbed the Eiffel Tower
- Walked until my feet couldn't do it anymore between the temples of Angkor Wat
- Made friends with monkeys in Rajasthan
- Lost my breath not once - but 4 times on top of the Empire State Building.

But if I had to name one thing that makes me happy the most in every trip... the people.
The ones I travel with, the ones I meet on arrival. Every citizen of the world, because they are the ones painting the colors in it."

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Iguazú Falls
Buenos Aires & Iguazú Falls - 5 Days

On this five-day trip, you’ll experience both the city life and the natural landscape of Argentina. Your vacation begins in the capital city of Buenos Aires to tour the local sites and burgeoning neighborhoods. Then, you’ll venture to Iguazú Falls—the largest waterfall system in the world—where you’ll enjoy views from both Argentina and Brazil. Finally, you’ll head back to Buenos Aires for a farewell night of local food and wine and a tango show.

Torres del Paine
Patagonia Trekking Adventure: Los Glaciares, Torres del Paine, & More - 13 Days

This 13-day Patagonian trek is designed for adventurers and includes the best outdoor viewpoints in two countries. Explore the peaks, valleys, and glaciers of Torres del Paine, and then cross the border from Chile into Argentina to discover more of the stunning panoramas through hikes, boat tours, and more in El Calafate and El Chaltén. You’ll also have time in two capital cities—embark on a sightseeing tour in Santiago and wind down the trip on your own in Buenos Aires.

View of Villarrica Volcano from Pucón
Chilean Wine & Lakes Tour - 8 Days

This itinerary is ideal for those travelers looking to discover Chile's natural beauty and culinary heritage. Start in Chile's wine region with excursions to both the Maipo and Casablanca Valleys. Here, you'll learn all about Chilean wine while enjoying the scenery and delicious pairings. Next, experience the coastal cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar before traveling south to the Lake District, where central Chile meets Patagonia.

Torres del Paine
Honeymoon in Santiago & Torres del Paine - 10 Days

Enjoy your first romantic retreat as a newly married couple on this unforgettable trip to Chile. This 10-day itinerary combines city life, nature hikes, and wine tasting — the perfect mix for a fantastic and unique honeymoon. Lose yourselves in the cosmopolitan city of Santiago, explore the stunning landscape of southern Patagonia, and hike in the amazing Torres del Paine National Park. Along the way, you'll drink wine at a charming vineyard and go horseback riding in the Rosario Valley.

The Atacama desert lies in the high arid desert plateau in Chile
Explore the Atacama Desert - 4 Days

Explore the Atacama desert in the Antofagasta region of Chile, starting at San Pedro de Atacama, a laid-back oasis town on the edge of the driest desert on the earth. Revel in the stark beauty of the desert landscape and marvel at the dramatic scenery while enjoying the cozy hospitality and art in town.

Red hills of northern Argentina make for great hiking opportunities
Explore Northern Argentina - 11 Days

From the multicolored gorges of Cafayate to the Yunga cloud forest, and on to the salt flats of Jujuy, northern Argentina is an immensely diverse destination. This off-the-beaten-path region is great for hikers and bikers to get out and explore easygoing villages and gorgeous natural wonders while taking in some gaucho culture and enjoying superb local wines.