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Subhasini Shrestha

Exploring new things and new places definitely got me to travel a lot. I love to experience the diversity of each new place. Over two years down the line, here I am working with my team, offering tailor-made trips in Norway, Nepal, and other countries.

How did you get involved in travel?

"In 2015, after the massive Earthquake in Nepal, all private sector came together to send out a message "not all is broken" that is when I worked together with different agencies, personnel, and travelers to share their positive experiences in Nepal.

Reading different travel stories got me more motivated to explore places more. I recently took on photography as a hobby, which gets me to travel new places and explore them more. Today I work with my team to building tailor-made trips to Norway and several other places, to best fit travelers time and interest. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I had taken up a trip to Memphis, Mississippi with a week of volunteering at Habitat for Humanity along with exploring the city for the next week. I never thought that going to a new destination with an open mind to travel would be so much fun. I had never been on an unplanned trip until then, so everything was new to me. I ended up making a lot of friends during the trip, experienced different cultures, learned how to best utilize the time I had, and even learned how to build houses along the way. :) "

Featured trips & expertise

Preparing the sled in the Norwegian wilderness
Norway Dogsledding Adventure - 5 Days

This unique, hands-on experience in Norway's Finnmark region starts with a night in Alta before three days of dogsledding in the Arctic wilderness. With the help of a private guide, you'll get to know the Huskies by name, drive your own sleigh, and help take care of the dogs before falling asleep in cozy cabins—or staying up to search for the Northern Lights.

Winter wonderland scenery in Northern Norway
Norway's Arctic Experience in Alta - 7 Days

Located in the northernmost county of Norway (Finnmark), the city of Alta lies in an area with a relatively mild climate. With this winter-themed adventure, you'll meet huskies and reindeer, see UNESCO-protected rock carvings, experience Sami culture, and enjoy snow activities. Easily reachable by plane, the area offers forests, mountain plateaus, and coastal landscapes bathed in distinctive blue light—perfect for star gazing and searching for the Northern Lights.

5 Books to Read Before Your Trip to Norway

Before you set foot in the Land of the Midnight Sun, get acquainted with the location and its people by cracking open a good book. Here's a list of 5 favorite biographies, acclaimed novels, and page-turners that feature Norway as a lead character.

Family Friendly Hotels in Bergen

Bergen is an incredibly family-friendly destination, with no shortage of child-oriented activities—both indoor and outdoor. After long days spent exploring the scenic Norwegian coastal city, you'll want to be sure you have a comfortable place to relax and recharge. Here are 5 of Bergen's best family-oriented hotels.

Many of Oslo's hotels are ultra-modern
5 Family Friendly Hotels in Oslo

You'd be hard-pressed to find a European capital more suitable for families and kids than Oslo. A number of hotels cater to parents of both small children and teens — with the right lodging, you'll feel right at home in this booming heart of Scandinavia.