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Exploring new things and new places definitely got me to travel a lot. I love to experience the diversity of each new place. Over two years down the line, here I am working with my team, offering tailor-made trips in Norway, Nepal, and other countries.

How did you get involved in travel?

"In 2015, after the massive Earthquake in Nepal, all private sector came together to send out a message "not all is broken" that is when I worked together with different agencies, personnel, and travelers to share their positive experiences in Nepal.

Reading different travel stories got me more motivated to explore places more. I recently took on photography as a hobby, which gets me to travel new places and explore them more. Today I work with my team to building tailor-made trips to Norway and several other places, to best fit travelers time and interest. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I had taken up a trip to Memphis, Mississippi with a week of volunteering at Habitat for Humanity along with exploring the city for the next week. I never thought that going to a new destination with an open mind to travel would be so much fun. I had never been on an unplanned trip until then, so everything was new to me. I ended up making a lot of friends during the trip, experienced different cultures, learned how to best utilize the time I had, and even learned how to build houses along the way. :) "

Featured trips & expertise

Hike up to Norway's Romsdalseggen ridge
Bergen to Trondheim Outdoor Adventure -14 Days

This road trip starts and ends in two of Norway's biggest cities, with outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and rafting along the way.  Designed for active travelers, this is a perfect excursion for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Norway's great outdoors.

Pulpit Rock's jaw-dropping views.
Norway's Best Cities & Hikes - 9 Days

Get to know Norway's biggest cities and hike along the country's famous fjords on this 9-day itinerary. Beginning with an expert-curated tour of Oslo, you'll take an overnight train to coastal Stavanger—your gateway to day-hikes at legendary Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten. Finally, relax on a scenic ferry ride to Bergen, where you'll explore the city by foot and even take a cruise to Hardangerfjord—the "Queen of the Fjords."

Summertime adventures stay golden above the Arctic Circle
Summer Road Trip: Midnight Sun in Norways Arctic - 14 Days

This two-week adventure is ideal for travelers who want to make the most of Norway's summer. Start off exploring southern Norway (Oslo, Bergen and the Sognefjord) before flying to the Arctic Circle. From here, you'll rent a car and head to the rugged island of Senja for an active two days of cycling and kayaking before ferrying to smaller Andenes for whale watching. The adventure ends in lively Tromsø and Oslo for festivals and outdoor restaurants.

Summertime adventures stay golden above the Arctic Circle
Midnight Sun Road Trip in Arctic Norway - 8 Days

This adventurous weeklong road trip from late May to late August begins and ends in Tromsø, the country's gateway to the Arctic, where—during summer months—the sun never sets on these gorgeous views. From here, you'll journey through rugged landscapes of Norway's second largest island (Senja), and partake in active outings like cycling, kayaking, and swimming before ferrying to another less-populated island (Andøya) where spotting whales is practically a guarantee. Hike the coastal trail on the Queen’s Route before heading back to Tromsø for a few more nights of Scandinavian fun.

The UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord where you'll spend three nights
Summer Road Trip: Mountains & Fjords - 12 Days

Steer a relaxing 12-day course through the highs and lows of Norway's spectacular landscapes from Jotunheimen National Park to the depths of Sognefjord, the country's deepest fjord. You'll enjoy the freedom of setting your own pace when visiting museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not to mention plenty of opportunities to get out in nature and explore the wonders around you. Buckle up and pack your camera—this is going to be one gorgeous drive!

Bergen's waterfront UNESCO World Heritage Site after a snowfall
Oslo, Bergen & Tromsø Winter Adventure - 7 Days

Escape the summer crowds with this winter trip highlighting both southern and northern Norway. Starting in Oslo—Europe's fastest-growing capital—you'll take one of the steepest trains in the world towards the fjords. Then train to Bergen, a UNESCO-listed city loaded with culture and restaurants. Finish with two nights at a resort in the Arctic where you'll dog sled and search for the Northern Lights.