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Tamara Brocco

For the last 2 years, I have had the honor of being Head of Marketing at Wide Eyed Tours. As a previous back and flashpacker in Vietnam, I have been able to explore all kind of activities and adventures first hand, being able to use my own personal recommendations and experiences to make sure our clients are getting the very best advice they need. I believe in immersing yourself in a destination, getting to know the people and the culture whilst also enjoying the finer aspects each country has to offer. I have now lived in three cities in Vietnam Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An and have gleaned some awesome knowledge of these cities and surrounding areas that I love to share with our clients. I am currently living in Siem Reap Cambodia extending my knowledge of South East Asia and of course, explore some hidden and unique experiences to recommend to our clients.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Vietnam, Cambodia, and South Africa are the countries I have experienced and know best. I specialize in finding unique adventures, interesting cultural and bucket list experiences and of course anything to do with food and having a good time! Jeep tours to hidden waterfalls, playing with children in minority villages, eating and getting to know stories from locals and finding off the beaten track adventures that only a local expat would know :)"

How did you get involved in travel?

"After an "I need to explore" trip to Thailand in 2012 I caught the travel bug. I returned to South Africa after this month holiday and joined a luxury African travel company which I grew as a marketing manager through my 3.5 years I was there. I finally took a couple months sabbatical where I ended up as a backpacker in Vietnam intending to return home after a few months travel but never did. I found Wide Eyed Tours and have been with them ever since, being able to inspire people to break out of their comfort zones and explore the world."