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Tasos Mylonas

Traveling is a very personal matter! Following masses and ticking checklists has never been my cup of tea! I see every client as a unique personality who is looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, in their own very personal way.

I strive to design and deliver coherent and authentic experiences, tailored to the needs and preferences of the traveler. Remember, travelers are like days. No two are the same!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am passionate about sharing true, meaningful experiences with people from all over the world. Traveling is all about living like a local, acting like a local, seeing things through the eyes of the locals.
History, culture, tradition, art, natural elements, food & wine production, gastronomy, cities & villages: experiencing different aspects of the locals' everyday life is what brings people closer, what makes understanding possible and what helps create unique and memorable traveling experiences."

How did you get involved in travel?

"Traveling has been in my heart since I was a kid! As I grew older, I started realizing that the more of the world you see the more there is yet to discover...

I have been looking for ways to experience the destinations I visited in an authentic way, to 'become a local' for a few days, to live the destination rather than just visit!
Finally, I decided to leave behind my career in consulting and banking to embark in a new journey: offering unique traveling experiences to people from all over the world. The joy in their faces is my best reward!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My trip to Cuba!
When my wife and I took the plane for Cuba, we could not imagine that on the last of our trip, while walking on the 'Malecon', we would feel so much at home!
It 's all about meeting local people, wandering around, learning about their culture, picking fruit from the trees, tasting local recipes, participating at local events!
I still remember that day in Trinidad, inside a merchant's house, when we talked for hours like old friends..."

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