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Whether you go on one of our hikes, day-tours, or private tours we’ll show you the real Iceland: the serene, the thunderous, the quaint, and the surreal. Goecco is about experiencing Iceland off the beaten track on our down-to-earth tours, guided by real men and women. As we go along we throw in a bit of good music, local food and just enjoy real people talking to real people!

We are known for finding new places and inventing new tours. We work with local people, finding new places to sleep, eat and experience Iceland.

We make an effort to work with likeminded people, who love and respect nature and other human beings. We don’t choose our guides from their guide school certificate but from their life experience and personality.

So if you want a big, fancy tour bus going from sterile photo opportunity to photo opportunity, we are not for you - but if you are looking for a road trip with good friends - come along with an open heart and a generous spirit! 

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Ice caving; Hiking.
Day tours an overnight tours from Reykjavik.
We go where the adventure is!

How did you get involved in travel?

"Love of the outdoors and meeting travellers from all over the world. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

Jonas (owner): "I will never forget the first time I found my first ice cave in Iceland. I was just 16 years old working on a farm below Vatnajokull Glacier and in my free time I always explored the area. I was amazed by the blue frozen ocean over my head. It was like being inside a crystal. Time simply stood still...I kept it secret. Then I left Iceland, travelled the world, came back 24 years later and decided to share this with all our guests. And it is now our speciality at Goecco... ""