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Born in Taiwan, my parents moved to Costa Rica when I was 4 years old. Growing up here in Costa Rica I had the privilege to travel all over the country. My parents loved to go on road trips, camping, exploring beaches and other remote locations. All of this adventuring made me realize what an amazing place this country had to offer. We would often travel to other countries for vacation as well (I have visited over 15 countries and hope to visit many more). After high-school at a bilingual school here in Costa Rica, I went to Pennsylvania for college where I studied International Business and Management. Since then I have taken on various different types of projects in the corporate world and as well as in the entrepreneurial space.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Beach locations around Costa Rica including but not limited to Manuel Antonio, Drake Bay, Guanacaste, Puerto Viejo. Volcano regions including Arenal, Poas, Irazu, and Turrialba. Other regions for adventure activities and tours such as surfing, kayaking, fishing, canyoning, zip-lining, hiking, rafting, horse-back riding and more."

How did you get involved in travel?

"Working almost 10 years in various corporations I realized that the cubicle life was not for me. Growing up in a travel-lifestyle and being able to travel, was something that was always very exciting for me. I enjoyed experiencing new places, trying new food, learning new cultures, and meeting different people, and realized that I can translate this passion into helping others create those adventures that will enrich their lives. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Filled with energy and adrenaline at 18, my friends and I were always roaming around seeking for new adventures. We decided it would be a cool idea to go bungee jumping. I've always loved roller-coasters and anything that goes fast, but did not realized my fear of heights until I was standing at the edge of a bridge looking down 800 ft into a shallow rocky river. Not to mention, I was standing on an old bridge that had a rusty color (not quite sure if it was completely rusty, but did not look as safe as I would have liked it). I did not want to jump but I also did not want my friends making fun of me for a being a chicken, so peer pressure set in and I went for it. Screaming all the way down and then getting that feeling of when is this going to end! Definitely one of the scariest things that I have ever done! "

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