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Alice Volkmar

Alice came to Japan via traditional art and culture, which led her to study for a degree in East Asian Studies at university. These days, her interest in Japan spans everything from linguistics to pop culture.

When she's not using her boundless Japan expertise to put together exciting itineraries for our customers, Alice's passions are illustration, social media, and travel - or any combination of the three.

How did you get involved in travel?

"Alice recently returned from five years teaching English in Gunma Prefecture, in central Japan - but teaching isn't the only string to her bow. Alice has also served as the president of Otakon, one of the largest Japanese popular culture events in the US, and as Communications Director for Japan Expo USA. Those are some pretty serious Japanophile credentials!

Alice is no one-trick pony, however, and her interest in travel and culture that spans many countries. She loves getting to know a new place, learning the ins and outs of the local culture - and she has had plenty of opportunity to do so while living in Montreal, Vienna, Tokyo, Gunma and San Francisco (in addition to her native Washington DC). She also speaks no fewer than seven languages, which is a first even for our team of multilinguists.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Minakami, Gunma

My favourite place in Japan is Minakami, in Gunma Prefecture. I have many wonderful memories of sitting in the various onsen with my friends as snowflakes drift gently down in the steam."