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I am passionate about the great natural and cultural diversity of Spain and I love designing travel itineraries in my country that bring people together, support the environment and create proper life experiences to remember all year round. We can go on a long holiday once a year, but we can time-travel to it many times if we had a life-changing experience!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I am a lover of the outdoors and the local crafts, workshops, and traditions. I grew up in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, some 50 km from Madrid and I have traveled far and wide in the country visiting natural areas and small charming villages."

How did you get involved in travel?

"After working and travelling in Europe for 5 years, I went out to discover other destinations in long vacations between summer and winter seasons. I discovered a new way of exploring the world, visiting remote locations in South America and Asia, delving into the local way of living and learning from ancestral cultures and people who believed travel can be a very positive tool to local development. This is how I became passionate about sustainable tourism and about helping people make these powerful connections with the locals in Spain. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I went to visit a friend in Hue, Vietnam, and she took me to her partner's countryside village to stay for a long weekend with his family. As soon as I arrived in this agricultural village, I loved it; however, I was unable to understand anything! The family welcomed me like one more family member, they took me to the fields to collect watermelons, to the local bar to have local breakfast every morning, I visited the neighbor's house and everyone showed me how they lived and work the rice, the peanuts, the beans... I learned a lot about food crops and the hard work that comes with it before it gets to the supermarket shelves!

I had the most wonderful homemade Vietnamese foods everyday and we sang songs every night under the stars with some craft rice wine! I left the village with my heart bursting in join and gratitud and hoping that one day I could welcome the family half as good as they did in my hometown. "

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On this 11-day self-drive adventure you'll visit not only the most historic cities in Spain, bust some of the most beautiful countryside in the Andalusia region. From Madrid, you'll travel south into Andalusia and arrive at Seville, a city renowned for its Gothic cathedrals, Moorish palaces, and expansive plazas. You'll also visit other Andalusia gems like Córdoba, the famed white villages, and the mountaintop city of Ronda. 

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6 Days in Spain - 6 Unique Itineraries

In six days you can fully immerse yourself in one or even two regions in Spain. Those looking for something a bit different can choose off-the-beaten-path tours of major cities like Barcelona and Madrid, visiting the Moorish alcázars of Andalusia, and horseback riding to secluded beaches on Menorca. The more adventurous could take a road trip to La Mancha, head north into Basque Country for great food and rich culture, and travel up the eastern coast above Barcelona to the stunning Costa Brava.

Ultimate Northern Spain Road Trip: Madrid, Galicia, & The Basque Country - 15 days

On this 15-day excursion through Spain, you'll take the road less traveled but filled with incredible scenery. After a couple days in Madrid, you'll drive north to wine country and follow the pilgrims' route into beautiful Galicia. You'll sample delicious regional cuisine and visit historic cathedrals before hitting the Cantabrian coast for an unforgettable stay in San Sebastian and day tours to rural Basque Country.