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Midgard Adventure is a highly regarded, award winning Tour Operator and Travel Agency, authorised by the Icelandic Tourist Board, and focuses on year-round, individual, small group and tailored tours to both popular and well-off-the-beaten track locations. Often travelling in specially adapted super jeeps, Midgard Adventure aspires to introduce our clients to not only the glorious sights of Iceland's very varied and most wonderful, unspoilt nature but also to the more intangible and magical emotions and feelings that emanate from being immersed in Iceland's nature. Our professional guides ensure not only safe and exciting passage but also impart many stories, factual and mythical, to enhance the tour experience and to deepen the wonders that Iceland evokes.

For us travel can be life changing experience. There for an over all experience of Iceland is very important to be on top of the best trips one has done. Setting up itinerary is an art and the tours are a story, it needs to be designed towards peoples needs and told the way people will listen and remember. 

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We look at our self as experts in the South of Iceland, knowing the hidden gems and how to work around the weather for our clients experience.

The southern highlands have many amazing views and sights, but also a lot of opportunities to mix it with fun activities which should fit all groups and ability levels.

We specialize in; Hiking, sightseeing, private tours, custom tours, super jeeps, camping, luxury camping, Daytours, mountain biking, pack biking, combination activities"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have always been involved with nature sense my young age. Growing partly up in a sheep farm with my grandfather, I got to experience the Icelandic wilderness at it´s best learning important skills of how to go around the nature. When a got more independent I started doing my own small expeditions, hiking, camping and exploring the remote areas of Iceland.

Iceland hasn´t always been very known travel destinations, a lot to do with the small nation population and people just not knowing of it so tourism wasn´t the first on my list of things todo when I was younger. I didn´t realise you actually could make it your main work and live of it.

After I went to NewZealand the picture started to come out strong. There in Queenstown I met a lot of guides who told me their stories, life philosophies and their goals. It felt really in line with what I wanted to do and I learned that you can actually play through life, showing people the most unique nature and make living of it. I came back home with very direct goals of making my lifestyle my "work".

Midgard adventure was founded in 2010 with the goal of showing the most unique places in Iceland but also for like minded friends of mine to have an opportunity to make living of their lifestyle. For me it was a formula that should work in tourism and selling experience. If we invite you to join our fun, playful world with the nature we have, it should be reflecting in a great overall travel experience. Sense then Midgard adventure has grown from strong to strength and we still have plenty of ideas how we can all play together. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I think my 36 day expedition to Patagonia has to be one there on the list. This is where I really got in touch with nature. I spend 36 days in the wilderness of Andes. We spent the days climbing, traversing a glacier, camping out and learning again on the simplecity of life. After successful expedition I was really sure about our philosophy at Midgard adventure and that travel can actually change life. "

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