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Adventures are always better with friends. I believe life is about sharing amazing experiences with incredible people. Travel is about making connections and settling into the rhythm of your surrounding. Soaking in the canyons while moving with the pace of the river, or trekking along a mountain ridge listening to the sounds of the wilderness, you are able to experience how humans were meant to live. Meeting locals and travelers only amplifies the sensation by creating friendships to share your experiences.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in rafting, kayaking, trekking, and camping in Colombia and the United States"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I was fortunate to be born into an adventurous family. We visited over 30 countries together before I started traveling on my own. While we pursued many different adventure sports I always dreamed of becoming a guide on the water because of the guides that had left an impression on me growing up. I began guiding sea kayaks in the United States for 5 years, always making time to travel. With a fellow guide I journeyed to Colombia to explore the rivers and instantly knew I had to stay. I said goodbye to my home and began working with the adventure outfitter Expedition Colombia based in Medellin. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I will never forget my first time on the Rio Samana in Colombia. A world class river with beautiful scenery, warm water and waterfalls next the the campground. The paddling was amazing and thrilling, but the group of international friends that we made on the 2 day expedition will be lifelong friends, and help you choose where your next vacation should be."

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Colombia's River & City Adventure - 8 Days
Colombia's River & City Adventure - 8 Days

This 8-day adventure combines river rafting in the heart of the rainforest with two of Colombia's cities. Start with a night in Cocorná, before heading to the jungle for three days of hiking, swimming, and paddling. Then, on to Medellín and Cartagena for the second half of your trip—here, you'll explore the culture and romance of each city, and enjoy a relaxing beach day on the Caribbean sea.

A view of the islands of near Cartagena.
Cartagena and Colombia's Islands - 7 Days

Explore some of the best destinations along Colombia's northern coast on this 7-day adventure that combines a fast-paced urban adventure with the relaxing allure of a tropical island retreat. Tour the colorful Caribbean jewel of Cartegena, then head to a personalized island escape where you can recharge. For travelers who can't choose between an active trip and a secluded getaway, this itinerary offers the best of both worlds.

22 Street Foods to Try in Colombia
22 Street Foods to Try in Colombia

Among South American nations, Colombia has only recently begun to earn raves for gastronomy. But it’s ahead of the pack when it comes to inexpensive, delicious street food. Here are 22 must-try antojitos (snacks) as well as dishes sold at stalls and markets nationwide.

Ciudad Perdida (Lost City)
The Lost City & Tayrona Park Adventure - 10 Days

This rugged 10-day trip is ideal for those who want to focus on nature and the outdoors, as it highlights two of the country's biggest natural attractions. Start with a four-day trek to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range close to the Caribbean sea. Dubbed 'the new Machu Picchu', this challenging journey reaches the archaeological ruins of Teyuna -- accessible by steep climbs and several river crossings. Continue the adventure with a sailing trip in the Caribbean Sea, and then spend two days exploring Tayrona National Park. Finish the adventure with a relaxing float on the Don Diego River.

Iconic skinny wax palms in Colombia's coffee region
Colombia's Best Cities & Coffee Region - 10 Days

Check off three unforgettable cities on this whirlwind 10-day tour starting with Bogotá's Spanish colonial sites and buzzing nightlife. You'll then fly to the heart of Colombia's Zona Cafetera for an overnight at a coffee farm where you'll hike the green mountains of Cocora Valley, dotted with towering palm trees. From here, head to Medellín—a city with outdoor art and spring-like weather—before ending on the Caribbean coast where you'll explore the romantic streets of Cartagena's Old Town.

Discover Colombia's Tayrona Park
Cartagena & Tayrona Park - 5 Days

This fun 5-day adventure hits two major highlights along Colombia's northern coast. First, you'll experience the culture and fairy-tale romance of Cartagena's Old Town, an inner-walled city oozing with colonial architecture and history, not to mention hip hotels and rooftop bars. Then drive east towards Santa Marta to spend a few days at Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona (Tayrona Park) for a slice of South America's prettiest coastline. Explore on your own or take a guided tour of the park's hiking trails and exotic beaches.

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The Real Colombia - 9-Day Adventure · Colombia - Dec 28 - Jan 5, 2019

Traveler: Jessica W. - Local specialist: Corey McDermott

We just returned from our family 8 day vacation to Colombia. Jules, our specialist, helped us plan, organize and get ready for our trip. He was also available during our trip to answer questions along the way. This was so helpful.
Once we got to Colombia we had a great driver, Evan and a wonderful guide, Fabian. Fabian was an energetic, personable guide and great with our kids. He took our 10 year old son all over the beach, climbing rocks and exploring the shore. We enjoyed his genuine positive attitude.
We also enjoyed our beach time, river float and the sunset cruise!