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Daniel Buitrón Jaramillo

I love Colombia. I love the planet. I love what I do.

I've traveled Colombia in search of authentic experiences which meet global standards for quality service, ecological stewardship, and social responsibility.

I collaborate with local partners and conservation organizations to preserve Colombia's vast biodiversity, rich cultural heritage, and local economies.

Let me create the perfect travel experience for you, with the highest level of detail and service from start to finish.

How did you get involved in travel?

"My wife and I decided after our wedding that we wanted to change our lifestyle and try something new.

We knew we wanted to live out in the country and be as auto-sustainable as possible.

We also wanted to have great weather year round.

We had the opportunity to travel to Colombia for 3 months and we saw a great opportunity to offer Ecotourism services to foreigners. This was back in 2010.

9 months later, we sold everything in Portland, Oregon and moved to the Coffee Region and have loved every minute of it."

Featured trips & expertise

A mountainous plantation in Colombia's Coffee Triangle
Bogotá, Coffee Triangle & Caribbean Coast - 7 Days

Colombia is a nation of vibrant cities, sleepy pueblos, and extraordinary landscapes: this action-packed 7-day tour gives you a taste of the true diversity of this country. Within the span of a week you'll visit the superb museums of Bogotá, savor freshly roasted coffee near Salento and gaze at the sea from Cartagena's glorious ramparts. 

Boat on Palomino Beach
2 Weeks in Colombia - 4 Unique Itineraries

Planning to spend two weeks in Colombia? This amount of time opens up a wide range of possibilities to explore multiple areas of Colombia at a leisurely pace. You can visit a number of the highlights including Cartagena’s glorious Old Town, the stunning museums of Bogotá and quaint towns in the Coffee Country, plus a few off-the-beaten-path and adventure destinations.

Hike through the Valle de Cocora in Colombia's Coffee Triangle.
10 Days in Colombia - 5 Unique Itineraries

If you have 10 days in Colombia you can visit two or three areas of the country, thanks to low cost airfares that can jet you quickly between different regions. Enjoy the country's dynamic urban centers, get out in the countryside for hikes, visit a coffee plantation and sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, these are just a few of the things you can pack in during your 10-day stay.

The lush coffee region of the Cocora Valley
Bogota, Cocora Valley, Medellin and Cartagena - 9 days

On this 9-day tour, you'll get to explore the historical and cultural side of Bogota before heading to the wax palm forests of the Cocora Valley. After spending some time on a local coffee plantation, head over to the beautiful city of Medellin, the home town of the famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. Finally, head north to the Pearl of the Caribbean, the colorful town of Cartagena.