With two weeks in Colombia, you can hop between the lively cities of Bogotá, Salento, Medellín, and Cartagena on a highlights tour. Or, focus your time on the Caribbean coast and travel from Cartagena to Punta Gallinas with a break for a four-day trek to The Lost City. Travelers interested in Colombia's archaeological wonders should add San Agustín and Tierradentro to their itinerary, while active explorers spend time in El Cocuy National Park and Río Claro Nature Reserve.

Itinerary #1: Discover Colombia's Great Cities

Experience the historical wonders and modern-day delights of Bogotá, Salento, Medellín, and Cartagena on this two-week itinerary featuring Colombia's greatest cities. Perfect for first-time visitors eager to split their time between independent exploration and guided tours, you'll get a thorough introduction to each city's storied past and hidden charms. Plus, two days in Tayrona National Park and day trips to the Rosario Islands and Guatapé ensure you get a taste of Colombia's lush landscapes.

A man looks out over Bogotá from Cerro Monserrate
A man looks out over Bogotá from Cerro Monserrate
Day  Highlight Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bogotá, Explore Colombia's Capital Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá City Tour & Cooking Class Bogotá
Day 3 Fly to Armenia, Transfer to Salento & Coffee Estate Salento
Day 4 Valle de Cocora Hike Salento
Day 5 Salento & Coffee Triangle Tour Salento
Day 6 Fly to Medellín, Explore the City of Eternal Spring Medellín
Day 7 Medellín Metrocable Tour Medellín
Day 8 Day Trip to Guatapé & Hike El Peñón Medellín
Day 9 Fly to Santa Marta, Transfer to Tayrona National Park Tayrona
Day 10 Tayrona National Park Tour Tayrona
Day 11 Transfer to Cartagena, Self-Guided Tour Cartagena
Day 12 Free Day in Cartagena, Evening Salsa Dancing Cartagena
Day 13 Day Trip to the Rosario Islands Cartagena
Day 14 Depart Cartagena  

Welcome to Colombia! Your great cities getaway begins in Bogotá, where you'll shrug off jet lag while exploring independently and get hands-on during a cooking class. Then, transfer to colorful Salento and spend the evening relaxing at your accommodation tucked within a coffee estate and wandering the town's cobblestone streets. Discover the nearby Valle de Cocora's lush landscapes the following day on a hike of your choice before diving into the town's history during a guided tour. Next, board a flight bound north for Medellín and discover its many modern wonders during a self-guided walk and a Metrocable tour.

While staying in Medellín, seize the chance to explore the charming lakeside town of Guatapé and climb the impressive El Peñón de Guatapé (the Rock of Guatapé), then fly to Santa Marta on Day 9 and make your way to Tayrona National Park. There, trade urban scenes for two days amid the park's rainforests, pristine beaches, and wildlife-abundant mangroves. Continue to Cartagena, where a free day offers the option of a city tour, a dip in natural mud baths, or relaxation time on a white-sand beach. Round off your trip with a beach day out to the Rosario Islands before catching your departing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Lost City Trek

Ideal for travelers who love lacing up their hiking boots and exploring on their own two feet, this Colombia adventure packs in numerous hikes sandwiched between idyllic days at the beach. The highlight is sure to be a four-day trek to the impressive Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), which includes nights spent at scenic accommodations and downtime to interact with locals. Other memorable moments include exploring Tayrona National Park, relaxing in Cabo de la Vela, and venturing to South America's northernmost tip.

A view of Cabo San Juan in Tayrona Park
A view of Cabo San Juan in Tayrona National Park
Day  Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cartagena, Self-Guided Tour Cartagena
Day 2 Explore Cartagena: History, Castles & Beaches Cartagena
Day 3 Day Trip to the Rosario Islands Cartagena
Day 4 Transfer to Santa Marta Santa Marta
Day 5 The Lost City Trek (Day 1) Lost City Trail
Day 6 The Lost City Trek (Day 2) Lost City Trail
Day 7 The Lost City Trek (Day 3) Lost City Trail
Day 8 The Lost City Trek (Day 4) Lost City Trail
Day 9 Transfer to Tayrona National Park, Optional Activities Tayrona Park
Day 10 Transfer to La Guajira & Cabo de la Vela Cabo de la Vela
Day 11 Cabo de la Vela Free Day & Wayúu Culture Cabo de la Vela
Day 12 Transfer to Punta Gallinas & Taroa Dunes Punta Gallinas
Day 13 Transfer to Santa Marta, Sailboat Tour Santa Marta
Day 14 Depart Santa Marta  

Your trip begins in the colorful city of Cartagena, where you'll explore friendly neighborhoods and tour Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. While here, you'll also dedicate a day to lazing on one of the Rosario Islands' white-sand beaches before transferring north to Santa Marta. Enjoy a restful night in the historic city, as the next morning marks the start of your trek to Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), the former center of the ancient Tairona civilization predating Machu Picchu by about 800 years.

Throughout the following four days, settle into a gentle pace perfect for connecting with locals and marveling at the jungle and mountain landscapes, with nights spent at secluded accommodations.

After your last night on the trail, indulge in a day at Tayrona National Park, where you can sunbathe, boat, snorkel, or observe wildlife. On Day 10, climb aboard a 4WD vehicle and travel up the coast to the secluded Cabo de La Vela. A two-night stay allows you to relax in your beachfront hut, attempt kitesurfing, and delve into the rich Wayúu culture of the area. But the Caribbean coast calls for further exploration, so you'll spend your final days visiting Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of South America, and sailing off the coast of Santa Marta before your catching your onward flight. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Culture & Archaeology of Colombia

Enjoy a well-rounded introduction to Colombia's culture and ancient history on this trip featuring the central and southern regions. Starting in Medellín, you'll explore city highlights by Metrocable and visit the charming town of Guatapé. Then, fly south for three days among Salento's lush coffee estates and time in Cali, Popayán, and San Agustín. Lastly, wrap up your adventure by touring Tierradentro's archaeological wonders and horseback riding in the dramatic Tatacoa Desert.

See megalithic sculptures at San Agustín
See megalithic sculptures at San Agustín
Day  Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Medellín, Optional Activities Medellín
Day 2 Medellín Metrocable Tour Medellín
Day 3 Day Trip to Guatapé & La Piedra Hike Medellín
Day 4 Fly to Armenia, Transfer to Salento Salento
Day 5 Valle de Cocora Hike Salento
Day 6 Tour Salento & the Coffee Triangle Salento
Day 7 Transfer to Cali, Salsa Lesson & Nightlife Cali
Day 8 Transfer to Popayán, Explore  Popayan
Day 9 Transfer to San Agustín San Agustín
Day 10 Tour San Agustín Archaeological Park San Agustín
Day 11 Transfer to Tierradentro Tierradentro
Day 12 Tour Tierradentro Archaeological Park Tierradentro
Day 13 Transfer to Neiva, Explore the Tatacoa Desert Neiva
Day 14 Fly to Bogotá, Depart  

Begin your two-week adventure in the resilient city of Medellín, exploring its trendy El Poblado district and snapping pics of the bulbous sculptures of Plaza Botero independently. Then, experience the city's modern side during a Metrocable tour before embarking on a day trip to Guatapé to climb its striking Rock of Guatapé. Next on your agenda is a transfer to the Andean town of Salento, which will serve as your base for three days. Kickstart your stay exploring its charms independently, followed by a rousing hike in the Valle de Cocora, a guided town tour, and a drive into the fertile Zona Cafetera.

Nearing the midway point of your trip, you'll spend a night learning to salsa in Cali and an afternoon biking among Popayán's whitewashed buildings on your way to San Agustín. Here, you'll dedicate a day to hiking between Parque Arqueológico de San Agustín's areas of interest, including pre-Columbian petroglyphs and megalithic sculptures. Afterward, switch directions and head north to Tierradentro, a site of ancient underground tombs adorned with geometric patterns and mythological carvings. On Day 13, wake early for a transfer into the Tatacoa Desert for a day of hiking or horseback riding before returning to Bogotá. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Outdoor Adventures in Colombia: Bogotá, Medellín & El Cocuy

Focus on Colombia's wild interior during this outdoor adventure for nature enthusiasts seeking an activity-packed trip. Between numerous hikes in El Cocuy National Park and time to tick off excursions of your choice in Río Claro Nature Reserve, you'll experience the imposing mountains, settled glaciers, and lush rainforests the country is renowned for. Plus, time in Bogotá to start and Medellín to finish your adventure ensures you get a taste of Colombia's sprawling cities.

Choose your own route on hikes throughout Colombia's El Cocuy National Park
Choose your route on hikes throughout Colombia's El Cocuy National Park
Day  Highlight Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bogotá, Optional Activities Bogotá
Day 2 Bogotá City Tour Bogotá
Day 3 Visit the Salt Cathedral, Transfer to Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva
Day 4 Transfer to El Cocuy National Park El Cocuy
Day 5 El Cocuy Tour & Hike Prep El Cocuy
Day 6 Trekking in El Cocuy (Day 1) El Cocuy
Day 7 Trekking in El Cocuy (Day 2) El Cocuy
Day 8 Transfer to Bucaramanga via Chicamocha Canyon Bucaramanga
Day 9 Fly to Medellín, Self-Guided Tour Medellín
Day 10 Transfer to Río Claro Nature Reserve Río Claro
Day 11 Outdoor Adventures in Río Claro Río Claro
Day 12 Return to Medellín, Metrocable Tour Medellín
Day 13 Day Trip to Guatapé & El Peñol Hike Medellín
Day 14 Depart Medellín  

Before heading deep into Colombia's wild landscapes, your adventure begins in Bogotá, meandering through the Gold Museum, shopping at Paloquemao, and soaking in panoramic city views from Cerro Monserrate. You'll also stop by Zipaquirá's famous Salt Cathedral and spend a night in the colonial village of Villa de Leyva on your way to El Cocuy National Park. Once here, adjust to the higher altitude during a short warm-up hike and make any preparations for your upcoming treks. Then, dedicate two days to hiking among the towering mountains, ancient glaciers, and high-altitude lakes that make up El Cocuy. 

After your rigorous hikes, you'll appreciate a day's journey to Bucaramanga for some rest before heading to the airport to catch a flight to Medellín. Maximize your day there with a self-guided tour of the city's highlights, then prepare to re-immerse yourself in Colombia's wild nature. The Río Claro Nature Reserve is your next stop, where a rustic accommodation with river views makes the perfect base to spend time ziplining, rafting, horseback riding, or ticking off other activities of your choice. Lastly, return to Medellín to conclude your travels with a Metrocable tour and a day excursion to Guatapé. Learn more

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Map of 2 Weeks in Colombia - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 2 Weeks in Colombia - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas