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Wax palms in Colombia
Map of 5 Main Regions of Colombia: A Guide To Planning Your Trip
5 Main Regions of Colombia: A Guide To Planning Your Trip

Colombia is a land of diversity. From the Andes to the Amazon, from its Afro-Caribbean roots to remote cultures that make their home in the deep Amazon, you’ll discover Colombia has a place for everyone. Best of all, Colombia has emerged onto the travel scene after decades of violence and instability with its authenticity intact and pristine nature yet untouched by mass tourism.

Squirrel monkeys near Leticia
Planning Your Visit to Colombia's Amazon Region

Lush, steamy and unmistakably tropical, Colombia’s Amazon region seems very remote, even from the rest of the country. The main town, Leticia, is an easy-going, friendly little place, located right on the border with Brazil and Peru. But the main reason to visit is the Amazon River and the vast rainforest that surrounds it – full of strange and exotic plants and animals, from lazy sloths to electric eels – a massively important environment that provides a lung for the whole planet.

Colombia Coffee Country
Map of Ultimate Guide to Colombia's Coffee Region
Ultimate Guide to Colombia's Coffee Region

Colombia's coffee region set amidst the rugged hills between Medellin, Cali and Ibague produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Besides learning how the coffee is made, you can experience stunning national parks, vibrant cities, and quiet pueblos. We're spilling the beans with some expert tips on getting around the region and the best places to visit.

panoramic view of Medellin
Ultimate Guide to Medellín: The Reinvented City

Locals call Medellín the "city of the eternal spring." The capital of Colombia’s Antioquia Department is second only to Bogotá in terms of size, but there are just as many opportunities for culture and adventure as there are in the nation’s capital. Use this guide to help find the best Medellín has to offer.

View of the Plaza San Pedro Claver with the Towers of Bocagrande in the background.
Ultimate Guide to Cartagena: A Colonial and Modern City

You’ll likely hear about Cartagena long before you arrive. While the main attraction is the historic Old Town — packed with wonderfully preserved mansions and churches — Cartagena is much more than its colorful streets: it has highrise developments, long stretches of coast, offshore reefs and vibrant neighborhoods where locals express themselves through dance, food, and art. Here's our expert guide to help you navigate this romantic and high-energy Caribbean city.

 El Chocó
Map of Tips for Visiting El Chocó on Colombia's Remote Pacific Coast
Tips for Visiting El Chocó on Colombia's Remote Pacific Coast

A visit to El Chocó on the Pacific coast opens up adventurous opportunities to explore the jungle, go whale watching or scuba diving. You can also just enjoy the sea view from your hammock, gazing across a Pacific Ocean that looks very different from the one many know on the West Coast of North America. The following areas of El Chocó covered here are located in the area around Nuquí and Bahía Solano.

Views along the Magdalena River
Map of Ultimate Guide to Mompox: Colombia's Hidden City
Ultimate Guide to Mompox: Colombia's Hidden City

Santa Cruz De Mompox has passed the centuries in relative obscurity, changing little since its days as an important inland port on Colombia's Magdalena River. Today this sleepy town will delight you with its colorful churches, bayou setting and laid-back culture of rocking chairs, card playing and story swapping. Plan a visit and prepare to be fascinated with a past of revolutionaries and artisans.

Discover El Cocuy
Map of Ultimate Guide to Hiking in El Cocuy National Park
Ultimate Guide to Hiking in El Cocuy National Park

In a country known for tropical jungles and white-sand beaches, the glacial peaks of Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy stand out. Located north of Bogotá in the beating heart of the Andes, this untamed páramo highland ecoregion holds the best high-altitude hiking in Colombia.

A sunset in Colombia
5 Great Day Trips from Cartagena

Cartagena has long been Colombia's top tourist destination. This is no surprise—it's one of the most well-preserved Spanish colonial cities on the continent. But what do you do once you've exhausted all the culture within the city's ancient ramparts? Let this be your guide to the best day trips outside Cartagena.

Bogota sprawl
Ultimate Guide to Bogotá: Colombia's Beating Heart

Bogotá has two faces. It is both a bewildering urban sprawl across a South American massif, and a hodgepodge of quaint, colonial-era villages merged together over the centuries. The Colombian capital has an enormous variety of activities and historic sites but requires good insight to navigate the intertwining fabric – use these expert tips to get the most out of your visit.

Shoreline of the Tayrona National Park
Map of Ultimate Guide to Tayrona Park: Natural Wonders and Ancient Culture
Ultimate Guide to Tayrona Park: Natural Wonders and Ancient Culture

With miles of white sand beaches, dense jungle, and waves crashing into enormous boulders, Parque Nacional Tayrona is one of the most visually stunning natural reserves in Colombia. Days can be spent swimming in the sea and exploring the jungle, and there are opportunities to visit the remnants of ancient indigenous cities. Use this expert guide to help you get the most from one of Colombia's true natural wonders.

Enjoy delicious food in Medellín
Where to Eat With Kids in Medellín

Medellín’s rapid transformation from a crime haven to a dynamic and safe metropolis is reflected in its newly established food scene. The seven restaurants listed here will please the entire family, from sensational multi-cultural restaurants to cheap diners and quality fast-food options.