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Dominique Clarisse

Born in the North of France, I've developed a consuming passion for photography at the early age of 17. Then, freshly graduated from one of the most reputed schools in Brussels, where I’ve acquired a solid education, I took the opportunity to quench my thirst for photographic adventure. In 1992, I managed to immortalize the ancestral rituals of Papua, impressing the famous international press agency Gamma, who published these images throughout the world. Leaving my career in Europe, I then pursued my passion for this fascinating Indonesian archipelago and worked first as a Tour-Leader (a job that took me to some of the most remote islands), before setting my own adventure travel company, Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd in 1999, in order to respectfully enhance the huge potential that Indonesian nature had at that time.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in adventure & nature tours all across Indonesia (including Bali)."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I've always loved hiking and exploring new "frontiers" and it seemed obvious to try selling my photos to adventure tour-operators. When I realized that they weren't really promoting Indonesia in their catalogs (in the '90s), I decided to offer them my services as a tour-leader, and I ended in creating & promoting tours in Indonesia for a main French adventure operator. A few years later, I decided to definitely settle down in Java and set up my own adventure company."

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