Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is an Indonesia-based Tour-Operator that specializes in walking tours, hiking trips & volcano climbing across the whole Indonesian archipelago.

Our 18-year experience will safely lead you to the most impressive & remote Indonesian’s mountains of fire.

Ardent lovers of Indonesian people, culture and nature, we, at Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd, wish to use our experience of adventuring through this amazing archipelago to set a standard in Professionalism, Safety, and Respect for Nature.

• Professionalism – Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a western managed company. We, therefore, use the highest standards of commitment and service, and our tour- guides have been trained to the western guiding techniques.

• Safety – While providing our best service, safety remains our top priority and is always in our minds. We, therefore, collaborate with the most trained and experienced local tour-guides, who obviously master the western Red Cross standards in First Aid. We also prefer leading small groups of up to 15 people, but when required, will provide an extra guide for larger groups.

• Respect for Nature – As an ecotourism operator, another of our major priorities is to respect every site we visit. We object to transforming the Indonesian environment into a trashcan. It is obviously everyone’s responsibility, but we feel we have a moral and social duty to educate people in that domain.

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is part of the following groups: Indonesia Travel Agents