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Erin Green

My roots are in Michigan and California, but my adult life has been spent living and leading tours all over Asia. I first visited Nepal in 2003, and I loved it, so I kept coming back. I've been based in Kathmandu for 4 years now. I'm here to help plan your adventure and share some of the tips I've learned (sometimes the hard way) throughout my travels.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in Nepal and Tibet travel, and I also have lots of knowledge about traveling through countries all over Asia. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I taught English in Xinjiang China in 2003 and afterwards traveled to Tibet and Nepal for several months. I saw places I'd only read about, ate foods I'd never heard of, and experienced ways of life I couldn't have dreamt. From there travel became my passion and my career. I spent 4 years leading small groups all around Asia, and have been working in the travel industry ever since. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I led a group to Pakistan. At the Sost border, we found ourselves waiting in the customs line for hours. I went to the front to see what was happening. Seven very large men with very big beards and huge guns, wearing chunky wool sweaters with bullets draped over their shoulders were huddled, puzzled around a computer. It turned out that they'd just gotten a computerized immigration system that day. It was all in English and it was a tad confusing for them. After much deliberation, they finally had me come around to their side and watched me as I entered all the information for all the visitors to Pakistan that day. That was both heart-pumpingly intimidating and hilarious, in retrospect. "

Featured trips & expertise

Kathmandu's famous Boudhanath Stupa
5 Days in Nepal: 5 Great Itineraries

Nepal is mountains, jungles, rivers, and ancient culture. This diversity means that you could spend a lifetime exploring the small Himalayan nation, but if you only have five days, you can get a taste for some of its best sites and experiences. From white-water rafting to chilling out beside a lake, here are some ideas for where to go and what to do with five days in Nepal.

Kanchenjunga from India
Kanchenjunga Trekking Itineraries - 15-24 Days

One of Nepal’s most rewarding treks, Mt. Kanchenjunga lies on the eastern border of Nepal and is perfect for those adventurous enough — and who have the time — to travel here. Previously camping only, there are now more affordable teahouse routes that take you past stunning Himalayan vistas, ancient forests, prime wildlife habitat, and into the heart of traditional cultures and communities.

Beautiful valleys along the Manaslu Circuit trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek Group Departures - 15 Days

Interested in joining a group departure for the Manaslu Circuit Trek? Kimkim travel specialists are running a number of set departures for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2018 and 2019. Dates, cost, and availability are listed below, along with a day by day itinerary.

Panchase Trek - 4 Days

For travelers wanting an authentic Himalayan trekking experience with incredible views without the time (or stamina) required for a long trek, the Panchase trek is perfect. It starts close to the popular town of Pokhara, takes just four days, and can be done in autumn, winter, or spring.