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I'm a passionate about my culture and its culture, and my aim is to help all those wishing to visit my country, making their travel dreams come true, helping them experiencing the best of my country’s culture.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Portugal from north to south as well as the islands (Madeira and Azores islands).
Cultural and Historical trips. Food and wine experiences."

How did you get involved in travel?

"Once I read a poem by Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest Portuguese poets, who influenced my way of traveling.

He wrote: “After all, the best way to travel is to feel. To feel everything in every way”.

Was always with this inspiration that I planned my personal trips. Always with the desire to go further, to discover and experience the genuine aspects of each place.

For me, traveling had become a real passion.

So I started sharing the same passion with other travelers. Mixing my love for traveling and the passion for my country, I started creating personalized itineraries, designed to satisfy each one’s taste, with the mission of making each trip an unique experience.


Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"The best trips are when you meet with locals, and let yourself emerge trying the local food and talking about the daily life. "

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Marinha Beach in Portimão
Best of Portugal, from Porto to Algarve - 8 Days

This tour mixes Portugal's vibrant cities with the incredible natural scenery of the Algarve region, starting with guided tours of Porto and Lisbon's hilly and historic neighborhoods. Enjoy a day trip to the Douro Valley for a tasting of the region's wine and port varietals, then head south to Algarve to explore its water sports, preserved coastal parks, and endless coastline filled with sandy beaches and rock formations. Spend hours relaxing on the beach, hiking along the coast, or meandering the historic fishing villages, all before watching dramatic sunsets and experiencing the area's exceptional nightlife.

Porto, Portugal
Discover Lisbon and Porto - 7 Days

Explore Portugal's two major cities of Lisbon and Portugal, with guided walking tours leading you through historic streets filled with cathedrals, monasteries, and lively squares. Enjoy local food with stops at market halls and historic cafes, plus a live Fado performance to experience some of the country's traditional music. Take day trips to the countryside to find sites such as the Pena Palace in Sintra, the Douro Valley for wine tastings and a river cruise, and relaxing beach vibes of the Portuguese Riviera.

Charming town of Cascais
Exploring Portugal's Heritage - 8 Days

Combining the exploration of vibrant cities like Porto, Lisbon, and Coimbra with exceptional nature in Tomar and the Portuguese Riviera, this trip showcases the unique and diverse culture of Portugal. You'll peruse historical city streets and monuments, plus UNESCO sites like the Roman ruins of Évora, the Pena National Palace and forest in Sintra, and the birthplace of Portugal, the town of Guimarães. Escape the city vibes with the impressive Almourol Castle along the Tejo River, the scenic town of Cascais along the Riviera, and the most westerly point in mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca.

Ponta da Piedade
Portugal: Lisbon City & Lagos Coast - 5 Days

Discover Portugal's dynamic capital and explore the country's sunny south on this trip plan, which takes you from Lisbon to Lagos in the Western Algarve. Soak up the sun, take delicious and authentic cuisine, and lose yourself either wandering through historic streets or eating through the waves. If you're passionate about beautiful beaches and capturing stunning landscapes, this itinerary is for you!

Vibrant houses in Porto
10 Days in Portugal - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Spend ten days exploring all Portugal has to offer with these unique itineraries. If it’s your first time in the country, visit Lisbon, Porto, and the Western Algarve’s beaches. You can take a more relaxed approach to the country’s highlights or choose to add in a number of charming towns and sights as you work your way down the coast. Or, choose one specific area—like the Douro Valley—to see the country through the lens of regional culture, food, and wine.

Douro Valley, Portugal
Portugal: The North & Douro Region - 5 Days

Discover the unparalleled beauty and charm of Portugal's North and Douro region on this beautiful five-day itinerary. You'll start in iconic Porto, where you'll taste your way through the city and learn about its history, culture, and landmarks. Then you'll hit the road for the Douro Valley, which is perhaps the most beautiful wine region in all of Europe. Taste local Ports, learn about the olive oil pressing process, or glide along the Douro River on a relaxing boat ride. You'll end your trip with stops in gorgeous Braga and Viana do Castelo, a charming town with access to fantastic beaches.