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Bonjour! I’m Florian. I was born in the heart of the Loire Valley, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. I grew up in the middle of the vineyards of my grandparents surrounding magnificent castles of the Loire. I specialized in tourism with a master degree at the University of Lyon, a city with a food scene that rivals Paris!

I started travelling quite late, but once on the tracks, I couldn’t stop looking for new places to discover. Nowadays, travel is part of my life! I love discovering new landscapes, new villages or secret places only known by locals.

Today I am happy to be based in the cultural city of Marseille, the oldest city in France. This region offers unusual landscapes, ideas for outdoor activities, breathtaking views, walks to admire villages of charms or unique beaches that I’ll have the pleasure to make you discover.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Based both in Provence hinterlands and Marseille's old harbour, our local travel agency is dedicated to ecotourism and active travel in Southern France. We are specialists of the Southern Alps, the French Riviera, Provence hinterlands and its legendary « Mont Ventoux ». We organize self-driven trips and guided tours with our local ambassadors and guides: off-the-beaten-path but without missing the essentials! All year long we propose outdoor activities and tours around local products: black truffles and Mediterranean olives in winter, lavender in summer, southern Côte-du-Rhône wine in autumn…every month you'll have a reason to discover Southern France! "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I travelled for the first time of my life in 2014 when I went to Australia. I drove more than 20 000 km during these two years of travelling. Australia offered me a number of various and beautiful landscapes! I discovered a hundred beaches, explored National Parks in the middle of the rainforests, flew overhead of the beautiful Great Reef Barrier or walked around Uluru in the middle of the desert. I met amazing peoples during all my different experiences in works, woofing and travelling. I fell in love with Australia and especially Melbourne, incredible city.

Before came back to France, I went to Asia and explored the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia between visits of rice fields and temples. This island was an awesome surprise and I appreciated the peaceful atmosphere and all the Balinese culture. I have also seen a mass tourism where it's necessary to change on a slower tourism and which is more connected with the local populations.

I decided to go back to University after my two years of travel and become a tourism specialist to develop a slow tourism and more connected with locals. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In 2016, I went to Bali. One of my best memory was the New Year of Bali, called the Neypi Day or the Day of Silence. This event is different than the others new years because it follows an ancestral calendar. I felt during 24 hours the power of Balinese culture. On New Year's Eve, the Balinese celebrated the arrival of the new year with huge colourful paper statues, made "great offerings to exorcise evil spirits" and wore their traditional clothes with flower necklaces. They celebrated until midnight and after the day of silence began ...

The island has plunged into silence and the public lighting turned also off. In the Balinese culture, "We had to turn off the lights at night because the demons didn't have to enter rooms." When the night has begun, we saw the whole island become dark. My hosts put candles everywhere in our hotel and we spoke in the whisper. In front of me, the view of Kuta Bay, I heard the sound of the sea below the cliff and watched the sky filled with stars. It was a wonderful moment and I still have the thrill of this unique experience."

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Provence, france, France - Aug 15 - Aug 24, 2018

Traveler: Stephanie W. - Local specialist: Florian Lanfernini

Simon and Florian were both wonderful. The itinerary was great, although I wish I Arles was included in the itinerary given its significance. When I had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery Simon helped rearrange everything, and Florian even came to the hospital to visit. Since I was traveling alone, their attentiveness and consideration made all the difference. I was able to tailor the rest of my trip the way I needed. Simon was always communicative and made sure I was okay. Thank you guys for taking care of me and being so supportive and professional!

Florian Lanfernini, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thanks, Stephanie, for your very kind message! I note your feedback about the bespoke itinerary, as well as the fact that Arles wasn't included. You had a rough time in it was a good thing to postpone your flight and rest in the countryside of the Alpilles. I am sure that your misadventure will not stop you from coming back to Southern France again!