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For me, travel connects the world. It’s what allows us to dream, learn, and grow. Travel brings us new perspectives through what we see and experience. It’s what allows us to have a deeper understanding of each other and to appreciate just how amazing this beautiful, big, blue planet really is.

I am passionate in all that I do, and travel excites my soul. I love planning personalized travel itineraries that offer unique and interesting experiences that have a conscious impact in giving back to the communities that we work with here in Mexico, and that will give you incredible memories for a lifetime.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Anything and everything related to exploring and discovering what the Central and Southern Parts of Mexico have to offer. I plan and put together surprising and unique experiences that offer you a trip of a lifetime. I always incorporate tours with sustainable ecotourism, that showcase the bright culture, exciting tastes, hidden gems, and breath-taking locations through the top local guides. I cannot wait to see what I can plan for you!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"From a young age, my dad would take us on road trips which were always to somewhere new. I believe that this started my love to explore the world around me and my longing for adventure and wonder that comes with discovering new places.

My high-school offered a 2-year tourism course which I knew in my soul that I just had to do. This opened my mind to all of the possibilities that are available in the travel sector, and it was also at this time that I befriended the exchange students in the program. I was fascinated with their cultures, their gastronomy, their languages, and their histories. Soon thereafter, I became best friends with a girl from Japan, which lead me to take my first international flight, alone, to Japan. 3-weeks after graduating, my eagerness to learn and discover other cultures and everything that goes with that was unleashed.

It was from this experience that the seed for my love for travel, my love to discover other lands, cultures, and destinations was planted and has been growing ever since. This unique time in my life is why I have worked in the travel sector for over 6 years.

Seven years ago, I made the decision to follow love and move to Mexico, and I haven´t looked back. I’ve experienced the most amazing moments of my life here. This is a country that is filled with vibrant colors, explosive flavors, rich culture and so much more.

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Although I've had numerous unique experiences here in Mexico over the last seven years, I suppose the fact that Japan was my first major trip, made it the one where I had some funny cultural interactions.

The one that stands out the most is when we visited an ancient shrine. It was freezing cold outside, it had just rained and there was a fresh fall of leaves that left an amazing scent in the air. That aside, the shrine was quite large and there were many buildings and areas to visit.

There were also customs which had interactions or things that you would do to be respectful of the area you were visiting.

One of these customs was at the top of a series of stairs which lead you to a square platform. On this platform, you could look out to the forest and the surrounding shrine area. In the middle, there was a waist-height square basin filled with water and covered by a typical tiled roof. There were people on all sides of the basin as the custom was that you would rinse your hands clean here as part of a cleansing ritual, from what I could understand.

I am tall and I was platinum blonde at the time, so you can imagine I stood out like a sore thumb. You couldn´t miss me. From the left, about three of four other guests entered to cleanse their hands. They looked at me and I could tell they wanted to ask a question. One of them finally got up the nerves and asked me where I was from, to which I responded “Canada”. They took a moment and seemed to be thinking about what I said and asked again, to which I replied the same, a little slower. They looked at each other and started saying “Alien” over and over to each other. I am not sure how Canada became Alien but it ended up taking us about 5 minutes to clear it up over many laughs and a photo to end the moment.

These are the moments that makeup travel. Where you get to experience something pure and rare and shared with other humans that make an impact on your life. This happened many years ago and to this day I still chuckle over this simple exchange of two groups of people who had different languages, trying to come to an understanding and sharing humor in the process. Those moments are beautiful."

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