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Ingrid Thornes

I was born and raised in Norway, but have travelled to most continents around the world as well as worked and studied in international surroundings. I have a bachelor degree in Tourism Management, and recently finished my master degree in International Business Management in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have a passion outdoor activities such as hiking, meeting new people, to travel and see what the amazing diversity of countries and cultures has to offer on this earth. I believe that doing research and respecting various cultures, travelling responsibly and challenging oneself outside the comfort zone is the best way of experiencing life.

Travelling has indeed formed and changed my life and created unforgettable memories. Having the opportunity to share my stories and recommendations to other travellers visiting my hometown gives me both great motivation and energy as I know how much I truly have appreciated what other specialists` have offered me during my own overseas experiences.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I will cover everything about Bergen, Norway`s second biggest city also called "the city between the seven mountains", including "Norway in a nutshell" and the fjords and Islands around Bergen. I will offer both shorter or longer hiking trips and historical stories both in and around Bergen from the perspective of a local using local transportation. I will also offer harbour walks and custom-made boat trips around the ancient city. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"When living in Norway`s most Internationalized city, Bergen, as well as being a curious and adventurous person it was natural for me to increase my passion for travelling and cultural understanding at a young age. Just by walking past the wooden houses in the city centre of Bergen, one can meet about ten different nationalities! I have alway appreciated having the option to talk to travellers, hearing their stories and where they are from. I went on my first International journey alone to Indonesia right after high school in 2011 where I had an amazing experience, and have ever since then decided to study the field more deeply and travelled whenever I had the opportunity to various parts of the world. From my perspective, there is never enough travelling one can do and every investment I have made to see the world is the best investments I have ever made.

Even though Bergen is a popular tourist destination already, the city has a lot to offer from a local point of view which I am excited to share with the travellers. The Ethical Travel Portal team will provide unique, memorable journeys that are offbeat, custom tailored and well thought out. This will also give us the opportunity to learn about the travellers `stories and cultures as well. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"If I have to pick one unique travel experience, I have to mention my trip to Tanzania 2016 where one of my closest friends got married to her African husband in a small, local city called Bagamoyo. It was incredibly fascinating and touching to experience the joy, curiosity and respect both the Norwegian and the African cultures had about each other, and to have the opportunity to learn about their culture as well as teach them about ours as they bearly knew Norway existed. This experience was fantastic where I learned various things such as African dancing, a few words in Swahili, tasting the local food and went on a small safari park recommended by the locals where I could see and observe "the big five" in their right element."

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Northern lights, Norway - Jan 31 - Feb 5, 2018

Traveler: Mark J. - Local specialist: Ingrid Thornes

Really good planning. Enjoyed the activities arranged for us

Ingrid Thornes, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Mark,

Great to hear that you were happy with the planning and the activities!
If you are planning to visit Norway again, perhaps in the southern part of Norway I will be happy to plan your trip.

Thank you have a great day!

All the best,

Norway, Norway - Dec 15 - Dec 20, 2017

Traveler: mary T. - Local specialist: Ingrid Thornes

Fantastic trip- we loved the reindeer sledding and Sami experience which we wouldn’t have thought of. Northern lights chasing was great, although small hitch when the bus would not start. Dog sledding camp and the lavoo were great, but there was confusion about whether or not we were driving or riding. We would also have liked to have more time dog sledding, as we were only out for about an hour. All of the providers were professional with small groups and great guides. We really liked the hotel, which had great free breakfast and was in a convenient location.

Ingrid Thornes, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Mary,
Great to hear that you had a good trip and were happy with the providers and hotel- thank you very much for the feedback!
Have a great Christmas and happy new year! Welcome back to Norway anytime!