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Ivanilde Diniz Gaude

My name is Ivanilde. I was born in Brazil but grew up in France and I have decided a few years back to return to Rio de Janeiro.
I love travelling, dancing as well as listening to music and I am lucky that both my job and my carioca life allow me to fully enjoy every moment of my life.

How did you get involved in travel?

"After working for many years in a famous multinational in Paris, I needed a change and wanted to reconnect with my culture and my country : Brazil !
I have traveled the world in every possible way : Boat, car, plane, van… discovering many countries as diverse as Australia, US, Perou, Spain .. to finally settle down in Rio.

I realised after meeting and interacting with so many people during my travels that I also wanted to share my love for my country and my culture with others.

What a chance to be able to combine my passion for adventure and travels with my job !"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In April 2011, I did a road trip with my friends in Australia traveling for a month across the country on the east coast. This was an adventure ! You never know what tomorrow is going to bring. You only need one rule to really enjoy it : just go with the flow !

What turns out to be the most challenging was to find a place to shower !

I remember one evening arriving on a beach called Surfers paradise where we were finally able to shower. Just a quick look left and right to ensure that we were alone and we jumped under the water. Suddenly , the dark place light up and a crowd moved towards us .
It was easter and a movie projection was happening on the beach !

I will never forget how embarrassed I felt but how hard we laugh after thinking about it"

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Kim Kim should provide better transparency and costing and the break of the fees and their charges upfront.
It was difficult to get this info to decide if the prices charged are fair and reasonable. Just a lump sum figure without details delays decision. It my trip costs, some fees were included, but this was not known to me. Also about $500 fee charged by Kim Kim was not clarified in advance. The overall charges may be reasonable, but without advance information, it is not possible evaluate the same. Hope this is addressesed.

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