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I started with working in the hospitality industry in 2010; at that time, I was managing boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, which gave me the opportunity to learn the country in a completely different way to the experience I would have had if I had visited as a tourist. The more I got to know Sri Lanka, the more I loved it, but I realised that unfortunately most travellers don't have the opportunity to see the real country because the majority of local tour operators show them only a sanitised and commercial version. This realization prompted me to transition into the travel industry, so I could share with others the true nature of the island I value so much.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Our offers are very diverse and we can design bespoke travel itineraries for almost every area in Sri Lanka, which can include a wide variety of activities. But what makes us special is our authenticity: we want our guests to get to know the real island, so our programmes will include off-the-beaten-track sites and experiences showing Sri Lankan rural life. We are also proud to be the first Sri Lankan tour operator to have signed an Animal Welfare Policy, so our experiences are always animal-friendly."

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel has always been my passion and I firmly believe that when your work and passion coalesce you can create great things. I have a genuine connection to Sri Lanka particularly, having spent over a decade of my life living and working here, and so I feel very blessed that my role allows me to share this love with travellers from around the world, and hopefully help them to feel the same way. My aim is always to give my clients the holiday of a lifetime when they come to explore Sri Lanka. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My most memorable experience was probably climbing Adam's Peak to watch the sunrise: it was a truly magical - even mystical- experience. Climbing it overnight with the other pilgrims singing songs and hearing the sounds of the nature surrounding us in the dark was simply breathtaking. Then when we reached the peak, the first rays of the sun appeared, accompanied with the bells of the temple located at the top of the mountain. That moment was something I will definitely never forget."

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