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With kimkim you will connect directly to a local specialist in Maldives who will personalize your trip to your specific tastes. Once we have a sense of who you are and what you're looking for, you'll be matched with the right local travel agent for you. Not everyone wants to get completely off the grid—but even if you want to hit the most popular sites and cities, kimkim ensures a customized experience, including lodging, guides, and transportation.
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Gayathra Perera

(26 reviews)
Maldives Travel Agent based in Sri Lanka
Gayathra specializes in: Tailormade offers, high end properties, off the beaten track, bespoke experiences
I might not be wrong if I say Tourism & Hospitality is in my blood! Being from a tropic island most often visited by a lot of visitors, we Sri Lankans excel when it comes hospitality with always having a smile on our face. So coming from a country which revolved around tourism - I was drawn to... read more

Jay Kajaria

(6 reviews)
Maldives Travel Agent based in India
Jay specializes in: India Travel, Wildlife travel, Bespoke Travel, Adventure and Culture Travel
I am an avid traveler, wildlife enthusiast, excellent photographer and have been to more than 30 national parks, 20 nature hotsposts and numerous heritage destinations in India and sub-continent. I am passionate about designing memorable experiences from my esteemed guests. Apart from the... read more
Maldives Travel Agent based in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Shehara specializes in: Tailormade tours, High end trip planning, Special experiences
Hello everyone! I am Shehara. I have been in the travel industry for quite a few years now, and I like designing new exciting trips and new experiences for travelers from all around the world that choose to have their holiday in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka. I am born and raised in Sri Lanka... read more
Maldives Travel Agent based in Colombo
Ayubowan! My name is Evanjalin. I grew up in Colombo, in the west of Sri Lanka, and I moved to Germany when I was 16 years old. Spending four years of my teenage life in Muenster, Germany was what made me fall in love with travel and tourism. I'm now back in Sri Lanka and passionate about helping... read more
Maldives Travel Agent based in Sri Lanka
Ayubowan! My name is Hazan. I began my love for traveling when I was a teenager which led me to join the tourism industry making my passion into a career. Crafting personalized itineraries excites me while I get to share my enthusiasm and with my clients. My other interests are camping,... read more
Maldives Travel Agent based in Colombo
I started with working in the hospitality industry in 2010; at that time, I was managing boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, which gave me the opportunity to learn the country in a completely different way to the experience I would have had if I had visited as a tourist. The more I got to know Sri... read more