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I am Italian but my roots are lost all around the world!
8 years ago looking at the Alhambra in a fiery red sunset I promised to come back and 3 years ago I moved to this amazing city with a suitcase full of dreams and positivity!
I'm passionate about cooking and singing Blues.
I sing with my band once a week and try to find time each weekend to cook and create new tasty recipes.
Cooking is a good way for me to relax after a busy week. I also feel that it helps me to be more creative in other aspects of my life. Some of my most creative solutions to work problems have come when I’m making pasta!

But more than anything else, I am a travel addicted!
After travelling the four corners of Spain and living in Menorca and Tenerife, I chose Granada and its small neighbourhood squares where life goes slowly, its stunning views and its amazing atmosphere.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Even though I’m Italian from the Amalfi coast and I grew up surrounded by the lemony-fresh scent, I'm in love with Andalucia and the Balearic and Canary islands!

I do specialize in food experiences and tailor-made activities because I consider myself a food lover.
Being a food lover, to me, means seeking new culinary experiences rather than simply eating out of convenience. Being a food enthusiast means I love to help people fall in love with a gastronomic journey which starts with your stomach and ends in your soul.

For example, in Granada, you won’t just remember the Alhambra’s sunsets or a gypsy woman dancing flamenco in a cave. What will stay with you for a long time will be the taste of "salmorejo" or the sweetness of a "pionono", and of course, enjoying tapas with your friends on a summer night. This is Granada to me.

My friends who come to visit me know that they are in for an "aventure gourmand" and getting lost in a paradise made of food, flavors, and wine traditions. I love cooking and finding new recipes which combine my roots with the places have loved living the most: Menorca, Paris, The UK, Canary Islands and my beloved Granada!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.
I really love this quote because I've always been a wanderer and a lover for customer service and networking.
This perfect match makes me adore my job!
I have a degree in Foreign Languages and I started to work in travel sector and leisure industry when I was 21.

To make a difference, I propose innovative and exclusive experiences tailored to you, always on the lookout for new trends, according to your requirements and all of your desires. From the first contact, my goal is to provide you with personalized advice that will continue throughout your trip planning process. You will be able to picture yourself in the chosen destination, feeling the sand on your feet, the sun in your face and the wind in your hair.

I believe that one of the most important things in selling travels is to get to know you and your desires. The more I know about you, the easier it will be to find an experience that you will be happy with."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Over the last decade, my wanderlust has driven me across Europe, chasing the elusive endless summer vibe. As soon as I hear the word traveling, many experiences pop up in my head: the sunrises over the Costa de la luz, the park of Timanfaya in Lanzarote, the beaches of Cadiz, watching the sun go down from the Monte Toro in Menorca, the festivals in Fuerteventura...the list is never-ending.

But I will never forget the first time I looked at the stars in Menorca and the sky was so beautiful it just blew my mind!"

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We had a wonderful experience using KimKim an...
Spain | Dec 25 - Dec 31, 2019

colleen N.
Columbia, SC | Reviewed on Jan 08, 2020

We had a wonderful experience using KimKim and Laura as or local guide/planner. This was a last minute trip for us and all was planned within a month of the trip. I was very impressed with the organization and support of the planning process and the local providers. We loved our guides...Jose in Madrid, Victor in Seville, Elana in Cordoba and Salome in Toledo. All were knowledgable, energetic, passionate about their cities and a pleasure to spend time with. We also loved our boat cruise on the river in Seville!

Local specialist: Laura Carpinelli
Laura Carpinelli
Local specialist in Granada | Replied on Jan 08, 2020

Thanks for the awesome review, Colleen! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you. Come back and see us soon. Cheers!