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Lucia Berrios

Saludos! I was born and grew up in the fascinating city of La Paz and studied tourism at university. I love Bolivia and sharing its wonders with visitors and enjoy traveling and searching for new experiences whenever I can. During my free time, I enjoy photography, having a good cup of coffee with friends and playing with my little son Daniel. I will be happy to help you organize your dreamed trip around Bolivia and its surroundings!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize designing and operating adventuresome travel experiences in La Paz, Sucre, Potosi, the sacred Lake Titicaca, the dazzling Uyuni Salt Flats and the lowland rainforest regions of Beni and Santa Cruz as well. I also organize multinational trips, such as Perú-Bolivia-Chile. I especially enjoy organizing tours that allow our visitors to interact with the people of Bolivia in respectful ways, there is so much to learn about this place of the world and they are always happy to share!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have passionate about traveling since I was a little girl and have always found myself sharing Bolivian culture and history with friends and visitors. When I finished high school, I knew for certain that I would study Tourism and it certainly was the best decision I made! After the university, I started to work in tourism at a local company as an intern and helped them with projects in Santiago de Okola, a small community on the shores of Lake Titicaca. After a couple of years working with them, I moved to Santa Cruz, where I specialized in creating and developing new itineraries and programs in Bolivia. I returned to La Paz in 2015 and I have been so fortunate to continuing working as a travel specialist for KimKim clients! "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"In 2011, I was working making tourism projects for Santiago de Okola community. For Easter, I had the chance to travel as a tour guide there for the first time. My clients were two travelers from Canada, who also worked on sustainable development projects around the world. I was so passionate for this community, its people and my work there, that I think it was what they liked the most. They were very grateful for the experience and they learned a lot about agro-tourism, the community and its traditions and had an unforgettable experience! Until now, we are good friends and are regularly in touch! "

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Discover Bolivia
Bolivia | Jan 2 - Jan 12, 2019

Alfredo H.
Baltimore, MD | Reviewed on Jan 14, 2019

It was a great trip and experience
Lucia Berrios did a great job and I was extremely happy with her services. She even provided me with a phone number that I could call. I called that number and received immediate response.

Local specialist: Lucia Berrios
Lucia Berrios
Local specialist in Bolivia | Replied on Jan 19, 2019

Hi Mr. Herrera, thank you for your nice comments! I am really glad that everything worked out. As always, we are proud of our team and we'll let them know your comments about them! By the way, I loved your pictures! :) Take care!

experience bolivia
Bolivia | Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

ben j.
Australia | Reviewed on Aug 27, 2018

Lucia was fantastic. Always available and extremely helpful. All the tour guides and drivers (Ariel and Umberto in Toro Toro and especially Carla and Narcisso for the salt flats) were fantastic. Please make sure you keep giving them work. Loved Bolivia and would recommend it as a holiday destination to all my friends.

Local specialist: Lucia Berrios
Lucia Berrios
Local specialist in Bolivia | Replied on Sep 28, 2018

Hi Ben & Felicity, thanks for your kind feedback! We are proud of our team and we'll let them know your comments about them! I hope you can come back in the future and visit the places that you couldn't the last time. :)