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La Paz on Foot was inspired by the complex natural and cultural history of the diverse cultures and ecosystems that characterize the Central Andes region. From the dry Pacific coast to the highland valleys and peaks, north toward Cusco and south into Patagonia and east into the vast wetlands and forests of the Amazon and Rio de la Plata watersheds, to this day the human and ecological communities found here are tightly connected.

We have applied these ancient connections to our company’s design and every day we work with clients, communities, guides, restaurants, hotels, drivers and other links in the chains of an emergent network of responsible adventure travel operators in the region. Our efforts to share the fantastically diverse ecoregions of the Central Andes with our clients in a sustainable way is contributes to the resilience of this part of the world, one that is rich in natural and cultural patrimony and, in many ways, extremely vulnerable to global challenges such as climate change and urbanization.

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Isla del Sol, Bolivia
Explore the Farms and Markets of Bolivia's Andes - 12 Days

Welcome to the Central Andes! On this 12-day adventure, you'll get to know the rich farming history of Bolivia's highlands as you visit lively markets, speak with local farmers and their families, and enjoy the traditional flavors and foods of the region. Dividing your time between the countryside and the city, you'll discover La Paz and Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni Salt Flats, and eastern farming valleys on this best-of-Bolivia trip.

View of Salar de Uyuni from Volcán Tunupa, Bolivia
Bolivian Cities, Cloud Forests & Salt Flats - 9 Days

Immerse yourself in Bolivia's diverse beauty as you travel from the city to the cloud forest to the desert on this 9-day trip. Begin and end your tour in the world's highest capital city, and discover its many cultural treasures. Explore otherworldly red lakes and salt flats, engage with local communities, and travel on the exhilarating Death Road.

Toro Toro National Park, Potosi, Bolivia
Toro Toro National Park Adventure - 3 Days

Get off the beaten track with a visit to Bolivia's Toro Toro National Park — a small, beautiful park known for its caves, canyons, and dinosaur footprints! Explore ancient caverns, hike deep into verdant canyons, and seek out cave paintings, giant iguana-shaped rocks, and dinosaur footprints preserved in the stone.

Sunset view from Rurrenabaque
Exploring the Andes and Amazon Rainforest - 10 Days

From the world's highest capital in the Andean highlands to the lush Amazonian hotbed of ecological diversity, Bolivia's natural wonders will enchant every visitor. Explore the hilly streets of La Paz, located above 11,000 feet. Experience a community-based agritourism village run by indigenous craftspeople, and learn traditional ways of life. Walk along the shores of the sacred Lake Titicaca, the second-largest lake in South America. Visit the Amazon river basin and see wildlife in their native habitat, including capybaras, macaws, caimans, anacondas, and the unique pink river dolphin.

Straw-roofed church at Machuca Village
Bolivia & Atacama, Chile – 12 Days

From La Paz to Potosi to the salt flats of Uyuni and San Pedro de Atacama, this trip will take you through some surreal landscape in Bolivia and Chile. Explore the Witches Market in Laz Paz, see the dinosaur footprints at Cal Orcko, and bathe in the hot springs of Sol de Mañana. Culture, nature and the mystical collide on this incredible adventure.

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Experience bolivia, Bolivia - Aug 10 - Aug 16, 2018

Traveler: ben j. - Local specialist: Lucia Berrios

Lucia was fantastic. Always available and extremely helpful. All the tour guides and drivers (Ariel and Umberto in Toro Toro and especially Carla and Narcisso for the salt flats) were fantastic. Please make sure you keep giving them work. Loved Bolivia and would recommend it as a holiday destination to all my friends.

Lucia Berrios, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Ben & Felicity, thanks for your kind feedback! We are proud of our team and we'll let them know your comments about them! I hope you can come back in the future and visit the places that you couldn't the last time. :)