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Luka Poznic

It was at the third Himalayan travel in the back of the truck going through Tibetan wilderness when I came up with the travel idea, that soon evolved into TrekTrek. In the following years globe-trotting, expeditions to remote corners of the planet and travel to the people from other continents became my lifestyle that I still passionately follow.
I love the great Slovenian outdoors, sleeping under the stars, climbing mountains and negotiating trails riding my mountain-bike. But then, there is also the magic of the Blue Adriatic where I spend the second half of my time sailing on top of Beneteau First. And so, even TrekTrek office often becomes mobile and is moved to the beautiful Croatian islands...

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"As a boutique tour operator we specialize in small group active travel in Slovenia and Croatia. We are local specialist for hiking and biking trips. We love small boutique hotels, fine wine and we are fully dedicated foodies. And this is the kind of travel we like to offer to our guest. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I went trekking to Nepal as a student at early 20's and got enchanted by the magic of travel. In the following years I over landed Asia from Beijing to Delhi via Tibet, spend 4 months cycling in Patagonia and explored the remote parts of Central Sahara desert. The more I traveled the more I got to appreciate the immense beauty of Slovenian nature and incredible travel potential of the Balkans. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"It must have been the 60 days of traveling through Eastern Tibet, a very wild and remote Himalayan region. After numerous days of walking and hitchhiking Chinese trucks I got to a mountain place with a beautiful emerald lake. There were hundreds of white tents pitched at the side of a lake. I realized I was visiting the summer festival of Tibetan nomads where some of them had never seen a white face before. There were horse racing, archery, dancing and many other activites taking place in a Tibetan region not far away from Bhutan and Myanmar.... "

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