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I believe that every place we visit is an opportunity, and tourism involves much more than just accommodations and attractions; that's why I am always looking for the most authentic local experiences that allow us to discover people, culture, gastronomy and all those secrets hidden behind in every destination.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I've always been interested in ecotourism and traveling with a purpose, that's why I have very good recommendations of local experiences and volunteering programs; but I am also very keen about adventure activities, birdwatching trips and everything related with wildlife and nature observation."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I've been working in tourism for more than 15 years now and it has become my passion. I started working in the hotel industry and that taught me a lot about customer service; but since I've been working in the tour operator side, I've learned a lot about travelers needs and expectations...a great experience!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Every travel experience is unique! Visiting secluded destinations in Costa Rica is always fascinating, and one of my favorites places in the country is the Osa Peninsula...every time I visit this area it surprises me!"

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Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast is known for its diverse wildlife and beautiful beaches
San José and Manuel Antonio - 4 Days

This 4-day quick getaway allows you to experience a taste of the diversity of Costa Rica. Start off in the bustling capital of San José, you'll have time to explore the history and culture of the city for an evening before heading on to Manuel Antonio, a national park boasting some of Costa Rica's most pristine white sand beaches and coastal jungles.

Clouds over Arenal Volcano
10 Days in Costa Rica - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Travelers with more than a week to spend in Costa Rica have time to experience more of what makes the country so exceptional. These unique 10-day itineraries lead you through the best of Costa Rica, whether you're interested in seeing the top natural highlights or focusing on a specific interest, like adventure activities or wildlife spotting. From a family-friendly tour to a coastal adventure featuring snorkeling and whitewater rafting, there's something for everyone.

Guanacaste coast
5 Days in Costa Rica - 6 Unique Itineraries

With less than a week, it's possible to experience many of Costa Rica's star attractions. You can visit misty cloud forests, go whale watching on the Pacific, view wildlife in remote corners of the country, or hike around a volcano—just choose the adventure that suits you best. Let this diverse collection of 5-day itineraries inspire you to do just that.

Relax on your Costa Rica Vacation
How Many Days Should You Spend in Costa Rica?

You can have a great adventure in Costa Rica in as short as a long weekend. With only a few days to spare you will have enough time to hike through a rainforest, see an active volcano, and take a surfing lesson. Of course, a week or more is recommended so that you can take advantage of the wide range of activities and biodiversity, giving you more opportunities to explore the culture and vast natural surroundings like a local. This is a breakdown of optimal itineraries to explore Costa Rica, listed from shortest (4 days) to longer (up to 2 weeks).

Storm clouds over Arenal volcano
Best of Costa Rica in 7 Days: Explore Jungles, Volcanoes and Beaches

With a mix of rugged jungles, active volcanoes and world-class beaches, Costa Rica offers some of the best natural sights and experiences in the world, all conveniently packed into one country. Almost a quarter of the land is preserved within national parks, allowing a wide range of animals and plants to flourish, making Costa Rica an ideal destination for ecotourism. With this itinerary, you'll discover the best attractions Costa Rica has to offer in just a week.