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Hi, I’m Angeles, and I was born in La Paz, one of the highest cities in the world. I spent my childhood in different towns around Bolivia, and this experience showed me how rich my country is. I can’t imagine living in a different place. I think seeing a sunset reflecting off the great mirror of the Salt Flats or soaking in the peacefulness of the shores of Lake Titicaca are magical experiences that you have to have at least once time in your life.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I have been working in tourism in Bolivia for more than 15 years, sharing this time with a large number of visitors and travel companies around the world. Much of my work has been on customized trips to natural parks and community trips with the main goal of sharing my country with the rest of the world, all while preserving the traditions of our peoples and our natural landscapes. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel is my life passion. I can remember walking with my daddy to in Aguarague Mountains in the Chaco region of Bolivia, swimming with my brothers in the Yara River in Bolivia’s mountain jungle, dancing Saya (traditional dance) in the village of Tocaña or just standing in the Sajama National Park in the middle of the night watching the Payachatas (twin mountains) gleaming in the moonlight. These and other experiences in my life make me love the tourism, because every moment is a memory you have for the rest of your life."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I remember travelling to Livichuco, a small village in northern Potosí. I spent more than a week there learning their customs, cooking with the women without hot shower—it was so cold! A couple times my hair froze after the shower, and there was no cellphone or internet. There, I tasted my first stone soup—Yes! A stone soup called Kalapurka, which is a traditional dish in Bolivia, and believe me it is delicious. That trip taught me that the wealth of a country is its people."

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Bolivia in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Bolivia in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

Summer is swiftly approaching and bringing with it rainy days to much of Bolivia in November, though nothing like what will fall in the coming months. Come now and you'll experience the country at its tranquil best, with few crowds at major sights and milder weather up on the altiplano, where the showers are slowly transforming the parched highlands into a lush carpet of wildflowers.

La Paz, Bolivia
Bolivia in January: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

The rain comes down heavily in January across the majority of Bolivia, despite temperatures in some regions such as the rainforest being at their annual high. There is still plenty to see and do. This is a brilliant time to explore Bolivia's big cities like La Paz, Sucre, and Santa Cruz, including a glut of cultural attractions that visitors in better weather pass over. The southeastern savanna is the most agreeable region now, and though parts of the Andes and rainforest inaccessible due to rain, swelling water levels make for excellent white water rafting.

Views from Incahuasi island over the Uyuni Salt Flats
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Take in the many natural angles of Bolivia on this 10-day trip.  From the rock features that give the Valle de la Luna its name to going underground beneath dinosaur foot prints in Torotoro National Park,  and out to the expanse of the Uyuni Salt Flats, you'll be surrounded by all the many ways in which the land can be shaped.

Potosí sign in the Uyuni Salt Flats
Experience Bolivia - 7 Days

This weeklong itinerary is perfect for travelers looking for an ideal mix of Bolivia's charming cities and some of it's most striking geological features. See Colonial architecture and learn about indigenous history in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sucre, Potosí, and Uyuni before taking an excursion to the famous Uyuni Salt Flats and hiking to the Tunupa Volcano. At the end of your trip, you'll have a full day in La Paz to spend as you'd like.

Drive through unique landscapes in the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve to see the Árbol de Piedra
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With glaciated peaks over 21,000 feet high and mighty rivers rolling through the largest forest on earth, Bolivia is a land of superlatives. Explore diverse extremes from the Andes to the Amazon on this complete 18-day itinerary, starting in one capital, Sucre, and ending in the next, La Paz. Along the way, you'll visit high-altitude lakes and bubbling mud and geysers in Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, herd llamas and farm quinoa in Santiago K, trek Isla de la Luna on Lake Titicaca, and seek out exotic wildlife in the Amazon's Madidi National Park.

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The Bolivian Amazon and its Native Peoples - 6 Days

Explore the richness of wildlife and connect with the native people of the Bolivian Amazon on this culturally immersive 6-day adventure. You'll experience life in the jungle as you stay at sustainable eco-lodges designed, run, and owned by local tribal communities—eco-tourism projects developed to protect their way of life and slow the advance of deforestation. You'll canoe rivers and their tributaries, sway in hammocks, fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle, fish for piranhas, and hike into the thick of it all.