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Hi, I’m Angeles, and I was born in La Paz, one of the highest cities in the world. I spent my childhood in different towns around Bolivia, and this experience showed me how rich my country is. I can’t imagine living in a different place. I think seeing a sunset reflecting off the great mirror of the Salt Flats or soaking in the peacefulness of the shores of Lake Titicaca are magical experiences that you have to have at least once time in your life.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I have been working in tourism in Bolivia for more than 15 years, sharing this time with a large number of visitors and travel companies around the world. Much of my work has been on customized trips to natural parks and community trips with the main goal of sharing my country with the rest of the world, all while preserving the traditions of our peoples and our natural landscapes. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"Travel is my life passion. I can remember walking with my daddy to in Aguarague Mountains in the Chaco region of Bolivia, swimming with my brothers in the Yara River in Bolivia’s mountain jungle, dancing Saya (traditional dance) in the village of Tocaña or just standing in the Sajama National Park in the middle of the night watching the Payachatas (twin mountains) gleaming in the moonlight. These and other experiences in my life make me love the tourism, because every moment is a memory you have for the rest of your life."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I remember travelling to Livichuco, a small village in northern Potosí. I spent more than a week there learning their customs, cooking with the women without hot shower—it was so cold! A couple times my hair froze after the shower, and there was no cellphone or internet. There, I tasted my first stone soup—Yes! A stone soup called Kalapurka, which is a traditional dish in Bolivia, and believe me it is delicious. That trip taught me that the wealth of a country is its people."

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Flamingos on Laguna Colorada
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La Paz, Bolivia
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Bolivia has soooo much potential to be an ama...
Bolivia | Mar 23 - Mar 26, 2022

Carolina M.
Holly Springs, NC | Reviewed on May 07, 2022

Bolivia has soooo much potential to be an amazing place to visit but from the beginning of our trip everything was a hassle. We arrived to La Paz at 2:30am my husban and my 8 year old daughter are Americans are they were treated very poorly we with the most absurd demands of paperwork and visas ($130 each ) that the government officials didn’t even know how to work in the’s very obvious they don’t want Americas to visit because all the Americans that came in that flight were... read more

Bolivia has soooo much potential to be an amazing place to visit but from the beginning of our trip everything was a hassle. We arrived to La Paz at 2:30am my husban and my 8 year old daughter are Americans are they were treated very poorly we with the most absurd demands of paperwork and visas ($130 each ) that the government officials didn’t even know how to work in the’s very obvious they don’t want Americas to visit because all the Americans that came in that flight were the last ones to leave the airport . I came with a Colombian ID and there were no issues. We left the airport at 6:30 am super tired to only arrived to a terrible hotel, smells soo bad with very uncomfortable beds and terrible food.. La Paz didn’t have much to offer. Then we took a 8 hour bus ride.. we couldn’t sleep the driver was going over every speed bump possible and was a very reckless driver 🥺 Uyuni was absolutely gorgeous Almost magical but our tour guy didn’t speak any English and his personal hygiene wasn’t great and makes us listen to his music in the car the whole 3 day tour.. silence could be much better. The first hotel “palacio de sal was pretty good and the service was great it had a nice warm pool that after a long drive or trip was a nice treat.. also it had a beautiful architecture. The second hotel Flamingo longe was terrible. They didn’t have our reservations, then the heater was broken so the whole place was freezing, the Internet works for few hours so by the time to arrive to the hotel they had turn it off.. there is not much to do there.. the next day we went to the lagoons and hot springs.. long ride for a child who got very sick from the altitud and fainted in an area with poor hygiene, the bathrooms were traumatizing, no water the smell of feces was unbearable .. to only found out that the oxygen tank that the our driver had in the car was empty and the mask was super dirty so you can literally die in the middle of no where with not medical attention or the minimal basic aid kit .. I’m sorry but $2000 + for this tour was a total rip off we will not recommend this tour to anyone specially with children.. the tour company should had been more informative.. this was definitely not a family was like vacation from hell.. we canceled our hotel reservation that the tour had booked for us.. to book our own hotel in La Paz to be able to sleep and rest before leaving Bolivia.. at the airport again to exit it was another nightmare.. the immigration officer gives you a code to scan everyday during your stay and let them know of every place you stay.. how are you supposed to do that is there is not internet ?? Well there is another huge fee.. we had travel all over the world and had never experience anything close to this.. very disappointed with this tour. Highlights definitely the salt flats.. everything else 👎👎👎

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