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Amaru Bolivia is a tour operator based out of Cochabamba, Bolivia that provides authentic experiences through sustainable relationships with local communities in Bolivia and neighboring countries. For examples, travelers can canoe to the community of Mapajo deep in the Amazon, and join the Mosetén tribe as they gather medicinal plants in the forests or fish the rivers as they have for centuries. Or visitors can turn quinoa farmers and llama herders for a day (or longer!) with a local Quechua family amid the salt flats, smoking volcanoes and geysers of southern Potosí.

Amaru Bolivia stands out because it works hand-in-hand with local groups to ensure tourism is driving better living conditions and an appreciation of indigenous cultures. We offer you the opportunity to join the community too!

While community-based tourism is our main focus, we also realize that it may not be what everyone is looking for in a tour of Bolivia. We also organize more traditional tours that hit the highlights of the country (Salar de Uyuni, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Sucre, etc.), showcasing the country’s incredible natural and cultural diversity. Our in-country network allows us to cater to client expectations and budget in terms of comfort and luxury.

Featured trips & expertise

Drive through unique landscapes in the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve to see the Árbol de Piedra
Explore Bolivia: Andes to Amazon - 18 Days

With glaciated peaks over 21,000 feet high and mighty rivers rolling through the largest forest on earth, Bolivia is a land of superlatives. Explore diverse extremes from the Andes to the Amazon on this complete 18-day itinerary, starting in one capital, Sucre, and ending in the next, La Paz. Along the way, you'll visit high-altitude lakes and bubbling mud and geysers in Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, herd llamas and farm quinoa in Santiago K, trek Isla de la Luna on Lake Titicaca, and seek out exotic wildlife in the Amazon's Madidi National Park.

View over the Bolivian Amazon
The Bolivian Amazon and its Native Peoples - 6 Days

Explore the richness of wildlife and connect with the native people of the Bolivian Amazon on this culturally immersive 6-day adventure. You'll experience life in the jungle as you stay at sustainable eco-lodges designed, run, and owned by local tribal communities—eco-tourism projects developed to protect their way of life and slow the advance of deforestation. You'll canoe rivers and their tributaries, sway in hammocks, fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle, fish for piranhas, and hike into the thick of it all.