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Marie-Lou Goullieux

Originally from France, I've been living in Chile for a few years. As a passionate traveler, it seemed to me logical working in this field and help people get to know this amazing country. I feel like helping other travelers discover everything about what fascinates me about Chile : stunning landscapes, nature diversity, great beers and wine, and kind people.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Hiking and biking in Chile's Lake and Volcano District, Hiking in Desert of Atacama and throughout Chile, Ethnic tours, skiing on the active volcanoes of Chile"

How did you get involved in travel?

"Since I was born, I've always wanted to get to know other cultures, people, places, and everything that define the diversity of the world we live in. As soon as I could, I started to travel among Europe, North Africa, United States and lived a short time in Barcelona. I loved living abroad, so I decided to go further and try new experiences in a very unknown continent and Chile first came to my mind because of its geographic diversity, and it didn't disappoint me."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Well, there are many of experiences that I'll always remember but I especially love those that make you feel like you are a local. For example when I went to Marocco, I found myself assisting a typical Moroccan wedding, in a very lost rural place without being able to speak any word of arabic. It didn't stop me to have a great time, sharing and dancing with friendly locals. This is what I love about traveling!"

Featured trips & expertise

Mountain biking in Chile
Mountain Biking in Chile's Lake and Volcano District - 7 Days

Chile’s Lake and Volcano District is home to fifteen active volcanoes and twelve major lakes, which makes it a pretty scenic place for heading out on a bicycle tour. Start in hip Temuco, the region’s capital, before heading out on quiet dirt roads and singletracks to spots like Araucarias Biosphere Reserve and Chile’s most active volcano. Along the way, there are natural hot springs to soak in and comfy cabins to spend the night in.

Andean Lagoon
Cycling the Atacama Desert in Chile - 6 Days

Mountain bikers, this one's for you! Cycle through the Atacama Desert off the beaten path and into areas not yet accessible by vehicle, only currently frequented by llama and goat herds. Small villages, geysers, lagoons, valleys, archaeological ruins, Andean wildlife, and spectacular panoramas crowned by dormant volcanoes await!

Osorno Volcano in Chile's Lake District.
Self-Guided Tour in Chile's Lake and Volcano District - 12 Days

This 12-day self-guided trip will take you to some of Chile’s most spectacular sights. You’ll visit lush biosphere reserves, thundering waterfalls, lava-lined canyons, and forest-covered islands. The region is also known for its lakes and volcanos, and the views along the drive are simply jaw-dropping. Designed for active travelers, this trip takes you along some amazing trails, with ample opportunities for wildlife watching.

Chile is one of the world's leading wine-producers
Chile's Famous Wine Valleys - 6 Days

Chilean wines are today considered to be among the best in the world. Chile’s geographical diversity coupled with its Mediterranean climate makes it ideal to grow sustainable wines and to produce a variety of wine styles. The country is home to a wide range of wineries, from age-old to new biodynamic establishments committed to sustainable viticulture.

Scene on a beach on Chiloé Island.
Experience Chiloé: Wildlife & Birdwatching Tour - 5 Days

This 5-day trip follows in the footsteps of Charles Darwin who documented the flora and fauna along Chile's southern coast. Traveling by sea and land you'll observe the extraordinary wildlife and birds of Chiloé Island, the second largest island in Chile after Tierra del Fuego. Visits to quaint fishing villages where you'll enjoy a traditional "curanto" meal and experience local culture round off this unique experience.

Biking along central Chile's backroads.
Bike & Hike the Backroads of Chile near Pucón: 7 Days

This 7-Day hiking and biking adventure along central Chile's backroads is perfect for active travelers. You'll discover a fascinating part of the country dominated by clear lakes and amazing active volcanoes. Together with expert guides, you will pedal alongside snow-capped peaks, green meadows and stunning lakes, make visits to local indigenous villages and relax in soothing natural hot springs.